WIA Profile: Salima

WIA Profile: Salima

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At Paper Street Media, innovation is the name of the game, according to company COO Salima. And by creating content that is at the cutting-edge of digital media, Paper Street’s flagship product earned a 2019 XBIZ Awards nomination for Paysite of the Year.

We approach every client with a custom and calculated plan for their individual affiliate marketing systems, which includes internal advertising and price points.

The portfolio of sites under the company’s large umbrella certainly doesn’t stop there, spanning many popular genres like teen and MILF, with properties including, and, to name a few.

Sporting a robust affiliate program that offers a multitude of payout options, as well as free hosted galleries, exclusive content and weekly updates, Salima is focused on meeting the demands of consumers and clients alike.

To learn more about what makes the Woman of the Month tick, XBIZ sat down with the COO for this exclusive WIA profile.

XBIZ: Tell us about your professional background prior to the adult industry. What led you to join Paper Street Media?

Salima: I was still attending the university, when I began working at Paper Street Media. I started in the admin department and soon my role grew to include finances.

Because I received a very practical education about running and growing a business, once I graduated, it made the most sense to stay on.

Ever since joining the company after it first launched, we created new divisions of the brand to fill a demand in the market and increase our reach.

XBIZ: Discuss your flagship site How have you remained competitive in the paysite market?

Salima: Innovation is the key to all success.

We are in the fortunate position of creating a lot of content in different niches and letting the market response direct where we consolidate our efforts.

As far as the big picture, we strive to evolve with our audience, while maintaining loyalty to the individual techniques and styles that reflect our core values.

XBIZ: With so many niche sites under your purview, ranging from to, which categories are most popular based on your analytics?

Salima: This is a great question and also a little proprietary. I can say the categories that are the most popular are always the ones that are new and untapped within the industry.

XBIZ: Talk about your approach to content production, not only on contracting directors, but also ensuring overall quality control and consistent output.

Salima: Our production teams have a wealth of experience and skill.

The pre-production team provides each director with the requirements, expectations and guidelines. Then, once the content is submitted, the post-production team reviews every single frame and provides feedback.

This gives the directors the information necessary to perfect their craft. With each production, we always seek to improve upon the last, and the entire team is dedicated to this process.

As a final quality control measure, the CEO and myself approve all of the trailers and marketing collateral before they are published.

XBIZ: Discuss how Paper Street Media partners with clients to maximize profits via your sales tools and programs.

Salima: We begin with the understanding that each client is unique, as are their needs. By assessing the data to optimize growth and retention, our sales team is trained to be very responsive.

We approach every client with a custom and calculated plan for their individual affiliate marketing systems, which includes internal advertising and price points. By nurturing each relationship individually we are able to maximize profits for all of our partners.

XBIZ: What are your newest launched sites and how have they performed? If a site (new or old) isn’t meeting expectations, how do you pivot accordingly?

Salima: “MYLF” is our newest network, with five fully operational sites and more on the way.

When we see a site or niche is showing a decline in sales or beginning to underperform, we first try to revamp the current production model by adding new techniques or storylines.

And when all those tricks fail, we may acknowledge that it’s run its course and redirect our efforts to the niches and genres that are on the upswing.

XBIZ: Any plans to explore other niches, for which you haven’t yet produced content?

Salima: Absolutely. Innovation is the key to invention.

We are always exploring new ideas and concepts. It is our mission to discover what excites the world and then be the first to deliver it.

XBIZ: Describe your management style and how you coordinate such a broad array of employees including producers, designers and programmers to execute company goals.

Salima: First and foremost, it is so important to listen and pay attention to feedback. From our site members to team members, each person contributes a vital piece of information that I can use to optimize our successes.

When I combine these details with our core values and mission, I am able to create a blueprint for execution. The goals must be transparent to everyone on the team.

Beyond this, I am a huge advocate of communication, and giving credit where it is due. When each person feels valued, their work reflects this.

XBIZ: Any exciting developments on the horizon for 2019, or major milestones you’re pursuing?

Salima: In 2019, we have plans to increase our presence in the MILF, gay and teen space with 12 more site launches. Most of our concerted efforts will be growing “MYLF” and “Charged” to meet the market share we have created with Team Skeet.

It’s fun and exciting to see our customer base grow in both the MILF and gay niches as we create new sub-categories through our productions. 2019 is all about expansion through innovation.