Making the Choice to Straddle Camming, Clips

Making the Choice to Straddle Camming, Clips

What if you could double your audience and grow your experience using skills you already have? If you are exclusively modeling in live cam shows or only selling independent video clips, it’s time to become a crossover! Producing both types of content is essential to expanding your business and standing out in this constantly evolving industry.

When I first started camming four years ago I knew nil about the indie clip world. Now, I combine the two and it’s unlocked a whole new depth to my art and career. So here, I couldn’t be more eager to share my insights and experiences to help you become the ultimate cam model/clip artist crossover!

Dipping a toe in the opposing field can revitalize that creativity and passion, unlocking sides of your business that make it constantly exciting and new.

No matter which media you are currently producing, you likely already have the tools you need to make the leap into the other. The most important part of catering to both live show and video audiences is knowing what members want out of each experience.

I’ve found that people watching a live show want a degree of friendship and connection, with eroticism on the side. Even if you’re doing hours of purely erotic shows, people are chatting with you. They’re commentating, listening to how you laugh, watching the way you smile, picking up on inside jokes and so on. They get to know your persona, which becomes your most powerful tool! You don’t need fancy video equipment or an endless box of toys and costumes.

The best way to tap into your cam persona is taking the most unique aspects of your personality and talent and magnifying them. For example, I sometimes like to incorporate singing into my shows, because I love performing and it makes my persona more multi-dimensional! If you have fetishes or kinks, then use those on cam and wow members with your expertise and confidence. Your passions quickly become your brand, so the most important thing is staying true to yourself and your talents.

The other piece of the cam puzzle is, obviously, your audience. Different people want different things so pay close attention to individual patrons and don’t take any one approach as law! You have the power to change your show into anything you want it to be as long as you always remember to connect with your audience. Ask lots of questions and have lots of answers! People vibe off of you, so simply being passionate and positive is a must. Overall, they want to feel connected to the real you, in real time, whoever and whenever that is.

That being said, your cam show persona and brand can translate seamlessly into the creation and sale of indie clips. Most of my video sales come from my cam clients, but are they looking for the same thing in each place? I think not. In my opinion, a video is for the instant gratification and sexual release, where a live performance is about connection and prolonged escalation before that climax. These two frames of mind give you double the amount of content you can market. You can use your camming experience to sell videos at a much higher volume than perhaps someone just entering the industry. I am so humbled now to have such a supportive audience thanks to the combination of live and recorded content.

If you’re not sure what kind of videos you want to make, you can always surf the “categories” section of a clip site to see what’s out there! But I think the best way is to make videos that amplify your talents and interests (that persona!). Delve further into kinks you have or that members of your audience are into. Focus on the emotional side of the art by making kawaii GFE (girlfriend/boyfriend/partner experience) videos.

Camming is extremely dynamic, whereas clips give you a whole new playground to explore roleplay, themes, your talents or interests,jokes ... more specialized content that appeals to a specific audience versus the entire group. If you’re worried about equipment, don’t! For those who are curious, I now use a Canon EOS Rebel T5i, Rode VideoMic, tripod and occasionally a Neewer LED Dimmable panel attachment. But all you need is a webcam!

I filmed my first video with Photobooth on my MacBook Air! If you’re nervous about what to say or do, it can help to write the script and then perform. I prefer to roughly outline the content and improvise, which can help with authenticity since you’re really in the moment of your scene! Set up your scene, decide on props or costumes and just let loose, knowing you can edit the content and make it exactly how you (and your customers) want.

Ultimately, we are all great at what we do because we understand how to market and brand ourselves, and because we’re creatives, making our art! Dipping a toe in the opposing field can revitalize that creativity and passion, unlocking sides of your business that make it constantly exciting and new. Invite your customers to see behind the scenes, make those connections with your authentic persona and really let your raw creativity flow with the clips to enhance and zoom in on parts of that persona. Cross the line and enjoy your new adventure as a cam model/clip artist crossover!