Q&A: Devious Angel, RaquelleDiva Helm Studio 20’s New 'Double D Grozavesti' Studio

Q&A: Devious Angel, RaquelleDiva Helm Studio 20’s New 'Double D Grozavesti' Studio

When two Studio 20 daredevils — 2017 XBIZ Cam Model of the Year Devious Angel and RaquelleDiva — launched Studio 20's newly minted Double D Grozavesti studio as its plucky managers, 2018 XBIZ Marketing Executive of the Year Andra Chirnogeanu sought out the adventurous entrepreneurs to spotlight their ambitious plans.

As one of the latest expansions from the XBIZ Award-winning franchise, the rapidly growing Double D (and its eye-catching name!) aims to recruit up-and-coming cam models, newcomers and veterans alike, training them in the intimate arts of camming. Given their background, Angel and RaquelleDiva can certainly speak with authority on how a cam model’s success is not the result of a get-rich-quick attitude.

Don’t be lazy. Be ambitious and have a life goal. It’s very important to know why you are doing this job. Also, listen to advice.

Feisty and direct as always, the boss ladies unleashed all manner of sagely and sexy wisdom, in this exclusive XBIZ Cam World interview. After all, who best to understand the inner workings of a Studio 20 cam model’s needs, than two of the greatest veterans to have graced the brand?

Andra: First, girls, introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about your cam background.

Angel: Well, I am Devious Angel, a cam model who recently jumped into being a live cam studio owner. My first interaction with camming was four years ago when I decided to try it. I was a student and I wanted to have a job also, but I didn’t want to work for minimum salary so I decided to try this job. The first studio I saw was Studio 20 and I decided to work with them since then.

Diva: I am RaquelleDiva, a LiveJasmin top model. Like everyone else, I started doing this job because of the financial part, but also because I was curious how this job would teach me to become a woman. I think I chose right, because doing this helped me get what I want financially and also made me understand men’s needs, an important thing that every woman needs to know. Oh and also, I am running Double D with Devious Angel.

Andra: How did you decide to become business owners and why did you choose to open a cam studio?

Angel: Well, we did this job for enough time. We realized that we can do more than this, and we were set up for this since the first day we started working with Studio 20.

Diva: We actually wanted to be girl bosses! Actually, it was because of our experience as cam models, because we know how the business works, what people look for and we understand the new models. We did good things on cam and we wanted to help other girls to do as we did. In a business, the less experience you have the more pressure you’ll feel, so we tried to ease up other girls’ paths.

Andra: What difficulties have you encountered since opening the studio?

Angel: First of all, it was hard to learn how to manage a team. Managing a team was not the same as managing your members while you are online. Also picking the right team for a startup is stressful. It’s not enough to find candidates who fill certain roles — you need to fit their culture and how they work as part of your overall team. And when you start a business, people expect you to come with new ideas when your team encounters obstacles, so your job is to come up with an alternative plan.

Diva: Also, being an entrepreneur means working lots of hours, not seeing your family as often and keeping your employees at a bit of a distance. It might seem easy to be a boss until you have to make rules. Those aren’t fun, but necessary for business. You have to “fight” with people hating you.

Andra: What are the problems you see happening right now in the industry?

Angel: The biggest problem is other people’s opinion about this job. It’s also sad that lots of possible models listen to what people say about this, even before trying it.

Diva: I would have to say that a big problem is the inconsistency of the people.

Andra: If you were President of the World for one week, what would you do?

Angel: If I was President of the World for one week, it wouldn’t be enough to create laws, or implement a strategic plan (technically you can just sign something, but I would prefer to know that what I’m signing makes sense), so I would need at least one month to try to change something. But for one week, I think I’d try to help kids have a proper education because the future is in their hands and we all want a good future.

Diva: Well, I would focus on helping poor people, so everyone has a place to live and work. I would help Africa have all access to health, water and food systems. Also, I would like to stop all political contributions until we solve budget problems. Maybe be something like Robin Hood, taking from the ones that have without deserving, and giving to people that truly are in need.

Andra: How does your personal life fit with your professional one?

Angel: I actually like to be organized. I have a straight schedule, but even when I’m home, I take care of my professional life, since I’m just beginning to be a businesswoman. Now there’s no time for a personal life, but when I have days off, I try to relax. Sleeping, reading or walking is a good way to charge my batteries.

Diva: Since I already have a kid, I try to spend time with him as well. I come to work on a normal schedule and after I finish my day, I go home to spend my time with him doing things he likes. And of course, if people need me at work, I’m available anytime on my phone. I try to keep both lives alive.

Andra: Any advice for the new wave of models?

Angel: Some girls think they will go online and make 10,000 on their first day, which is not true. You can have a good income while you cam but you have to focus and have patience. People will have to see you first and learn about you until you become a top model. Also, the best way to be a top model is to be natural. Be who you are, act how you are. Avoid trying to copy someone else.

Diva: Don’t be lazy. Be ambitious and have a life goal. It’s very important to know why you are doing this job. Also, listen to advice.

Andra: Both of you are award-winning cam models. What’s the secret? What should a cam girl do to get at that level?

Angel: As I said before, the biggest secret to becoming an awarded cam model is to be yourself, be natural, cry when you feel like crying, smile when you feel like smiling and basically let the members get to know you as you actually are. Don’t try to fake feelings, because people will know.

Diva: My secret was that I worked my ass off. I listened to all of the advice and critiques, because I understood that those will make me become a successful model.

Andra: What made you want to open a franchise and not start on your own personal studio? Why a Studio 20 franchise?

Angel: I came to Studio 20 without experience and became who I am today here. So I thought to myself, “Why not continue with the perfect recipe?” Also, it’s better and easier to run a studio with some history behind it, with a well-known brand and with, like I said, the recipe to make the “cake” successful.

Diva: I continued with Studio 20 because I liked it here. From the staff to the business model. I feel that it fit us perfectly.

Andra: You guys are good friends, but they say that you should never work with friends. What do you think about that?

Angel: Yes, we are good friends but outside of work. At work, we are partners. If you set boundaries from the beginning, then we both know that after we leave the office, we can still be friends.

Diva: We even had fought at work when we didn’t agree with the same things but when we left we went to dinner and we joked about what happened.

Andra: Where do you see yourselves in the next five years?

Angel: I see myself running the most successful studio in the Studio 20 franchise network. Actually, in five years, I’m going to be on a beach with Raquelle and with our models enjoying a mojito remembering how we all started.

Diva: I see myself at the airport saying goodbye to my son because he will study in another country. I am still running this franchise because I really like what I do. And I see myself singing with Bruno Mars, along to “Billionaire” ... oh, and Devi, pass me the Mojito, please.