Camming Is a Body-Positive Mirror

Camming Is a Body-Positive Mirror

Discovering yourself as a woman has never been as hard as it is now.

A lot of people would disagree and would say that this is the era of the female, that it’s one of the first periods in time that women are empowered and that can be right, in a way.

I now look in the mirror and I’m not seeing my rolls or that extra skin, I’m seeing a big beautiful woman that looks amazing in silk lingerie and a nice pair of heels.

With all the body-positive messages all over social media and campaigns, there’s still a stigma for big girls. People still look at you and consider you an error or a freak. I don’t mind it. It’s part of myself, it’s who I am. I’m a big girl. And I love every inch of me, my curves, my stretch marks, my rolls.

I’m Lola Miles and people have put me in the BBW niche.

Growing up in Romania, I’d heard about camming because, let’s face it, starting from 2000, it’s the go-to job for women that want to be independent and want to make money.

Until a few months ago, I’d never even considered it a possibility since, duh, I’m big. And I’d heard that so many times, I’d started to believe it and started doubting myself as a woman, as a person, no matter how many body-positive messages I read on Pinterest.

This all changed when I started reading some articles about camming and I stumbled across an article from the #girlsfromstudio20 that were talking about how camming changed their life and how they have so much confidence in themselves now.

I have to admit, I judged them at first. I thought, like every prejudiced and uninformed person, that cam girls were women that could never do anything else but “sell” their image to a high paying customer.

I was so wrong and so oblivious about what this job entails and how much work there actually is behind being a cam model … and how much happiness you can get from doing it and being appreciated for every inch of your former-judged body.

I started working as a cam model in Studio 20 Timisoara a few months ago and everyone that met me since then told me that I look different, that I’m smiling more, that I have such a positive vibe and that I have a glow about me.

Working in a cam studio like Studio 20, meeting all types of girls — skinny, big, blonde, small-boobed, athletic and so on — has taught me that every woman has doubts about how she looks, that the mirror, both the one we have at home and society’s mirror, is so hard on everyone.

But since I’ve started this job, I’m a different person. I know that everyone tells you about how important positive reinforcement is and how much words can help you have a positive mindset, but you have to see it and feel it to believe it.

Being a cam model and talking to so many people from all over the world helped me with my self -esteem, of course. It helped me with setting new goals both personally and financially and gave me, for the first time in 24 years, confidence. I now look in the mirror and I’m not seeing my rolls or that extra skin, I’m seeing a big beautiful woman that looks amazing in silk lingerie and a nice pair of heels.

I recommend this job to every woman that ever looked in the mirror and turned away, sad … to any woman that took 283,365 selfies and then edited them to the extreme, only to end up empty inside and sad … for any girl that wants to discover herself and find the best new version of her, the woman in her.