Good Audio Is Key to Quality Camming

Good Audio Is Key to Quality Camming

In past articles, I’ve covered many different subjects, on how to be more successful as a cam model, including some deep topics. This time, I want to cover a few basics relating to audio. Because while the aesthetics of your room is very important, there is something equally vital that is often overlooked. Sound.

I’ve gone to many rooms where the sound in the room is just way too much or too little. So, here are a few things to consider relating to sound!

Volume is very important, because you don’t want music to overpower you. Your voice and pleasure sounds are what really make money, so don’t have ‘Despacito’ drowning you out.

First things first: the microphone is incredibly important. Most models use an external camera because the image quality is so much better than the onboard camera on your laptop, right? Well, your audio is half of the show, so even the microphone on the webcam isn’t going to be enough. On Amazon, there are many options for affordable USB microphones that are exponentially better than the microphone that you’re currently using. It’s also good to have a solid mic stand, to position it for the best audio possible.

If you are unable to get an external microphone, you can still make the onboard microphone work. However, there are a couple of things to consider, music being one of them. I understand that this is one profession where music is necessary. I am currently listening to music as I write this, so I understand how it opens up creativity and makes everything more enjoyable. But there is a fine line between an enjoyable level of music and having it distort your end user’s experience. One way to control this is to not use your computer speakers for your music. Think of it this way … your speakers and microphone are incredibly close together and the quality of the microphone is not very good, so it sounds like your voice and music are scratchy. Imagine listening to music through cheap headphones at full volume. That is what members hear in this case.

Another thing that causes problems with sound is if you use a laptop and type, because every keystroke sounds like an audible “thud” sound. Most models have long nails, and then the thud gets a clicking sound on top of it. Using a Bluetooth keyboard not only gives you freedom to move around in your room, but it also eliminates the “pounding on the keyboard” sound that models get from a laptop keyboard.

Now that we’ve talked about the hardware, let’s talk about the music itself. Volume is very important, because you don’t want music to overpower you. Your voice and pleasure sounds are what really make money, so don’t have “Despacito” drowning you out. The best way to check your levels is to record a video with your broadcasting setup. All of the big sites have a way for you to record a video from your broadcast setup, so recording one and using it to test your audio is going to help you get your levels right.

Next is the actual music itself. If you’ve read all of my other articles you know that to be a real success as a model, you have to have an online persona and a portion of that is the music you choose. It’s almost as important as not yelling at members or calling them names. If you’re playing the role of a happy-go-lucky teenage girl, listening to Joni Mitchell all of the time isn’t going to sell the image. Same thing goes if you’re trying to sell the image of a sophisticated woman, where listening to mumble rap isn’t going to help you sell that image.

Your choice in music says a lot about your persona. Make sure also that the music isn’t polarizing. You want to make your room inviting to all senses. If the members don’t like what they hear, they will likely not stay.

If you use a music sharing service like Spotify or Apple Music, you can share your playlists. Once members know the playlists, you can monetize the music by asking the members to tip you to play different playlists. This allows them to request and you get to be the DJ.

Until next time, please let me know if you want to have me discuss something in particular, by emailing shamilton@ffn.com.