Fetish Clips Boost Revenue Streams

Fetish Clips Boost Revenue Streams

I truly got my start in fetish as a webcam model, but in this business, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. You want to create multiple revenue streams, and one of the best methods to diversify your income is to produce videos or “clips” for your fans to purchase and watch.

When I moved to Florida in 2014, after being a cam model for three years, I started meeting people in the fetish industry and shooting for other producers. It turns out the Tampa area is basically the fetish capital of the U.S. when it comes to the production of amateur content! Now, when I say amateur, I don’t mean these productions lack professional lighting, cameras and equipment. Quite the opposite, in fact. I just mean we’re not a big company like Kink.com, because we’re individuals shooting content and managing our own clip stores.

My limits are never pushed when I am filming my own content and I can make every single creative decision. Talk about empowering!

I myself shoot, edit, write the description, create a .GIF preview, upload and post to my sites without any help. Recently, I hired somebody to help me edit clips that I’ve had stockpiled, but other than that I do everything myself from start to finish. It’s definitely a self-sufficient business and I know a lot of producers that make money only shooting clips of themselves, especially when it comes to anything that has to do with female domination or financial domination. Yes! You can create residual income filming clips of just yourself using a tripod and updating clips regularly.

I prefer to work with other producers and models because it makes it more interesting for me. When I first started shooting for other producers I was shooting only non-nude easy fetish and femdom scenes. Some of these things included foot fetish, balloons, tickling, small penis humiliation, tease and denial, jerk off instruction, mouth fetish, smoking, pantyhose, etc. It was about two months into shooting with other producers when I realized, “Hey, I can do this!”

I already had a clip store set up on one of the major platforms to sell the content I made to my fans on webcam. I started shooting scenes of just myself as well as trading with other producers in the area. A trade shot involves taking turns making clips for each person’s sites and not exchanging any money. This is a good way to build up content if you are new to producing. You get to work with experienced producers and also don’t have to fork out any money.

Once you start getting known for filming certain fetishes you will have people contacting you to do commissioned or “custom” videos. These actually comprise a great deal of my income because to direct your own clip is not cheap. The industry standard for custom clips seems to be around $10/minute for each model. Every producer charges differently and has a right to do so because this business allows you to set your own rates. The content of the clip, how many models, nudity involved, how long the clip will be and other key factors all play a role in how expensive the clip will be for the client and some can be over $1,000.

I am now a full-time dominatrix and fetish producer. I am hiring models as needed, shoot as ideas come, participate in trade shoots, work for other producers and take custom video orders. One of the most important things about generating revenue from video sales is to keep your uploads regular and your store will stay relevant. Some producers have membership sites where fans can pay a monthly fee and get all of their content, others tend to stick to companies like Clips4Sale, iWantClips or ManyVids to host their clip stores. Some do both. I actually have stores an all three sites mentioned above and they all have their perks in my opinion.

All you need to start a clip store is a way to record yourself and your ideas. Some people scroll through the websites to get ideas for different fetishes they want to try. Some are as easy as a sprained ankle or chewing bubble gum. You begin to see what sells well for you and what you like shooting. There are so many benefits from selling your own video content. Whether you’re a big-name porn star or you’re just trying to make a couple extra bucks this may be a good option for you.

See, not only do you own all the rights to every clip you put out there, you are also the one who is going to be making residual income on the clips. Getting hired by big companies gets your name out there and sometimes they’re a blast to work for, but they hire you once and will continue to sell and make residual income on the videos for years after its been produced. That’s always been a problem for me. I am very controlling when it comes to my image, brand and moolah and I like the power I have over where my content is seen and how it’s seen when I produce it myself. My limits are never pushed when I am filming my own content and I can make every single creative decision. Talk about empowering!!