WIA Profile: Jennifer Jarach

WIA Profile: Jennifer Jarach

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Social media ace Jennifer Jarach is the personality behind Evil Angel’s brand presence on Twitter and Instagram. With a flick of her fingers, she coordinates tweets and IG photos, replete with quotes, captions and engaging visuals galore, capturing the very essence of adult stars.

Right now, our social media presence is strong and still growing quickly. I’m going to be focusing on our big upcoming projects and fine-tuning our monetization in the social space.

Elevating the unique styles of Evil’s renowned roster of directors, Jarach taps into the heart of her subject matter — namely, porn’s best, brightest and most ascendant players — to distill hours upon hours of video content into the forever-crystallized brevity of several hundred words.

And like any stellar online marketing maestro would do, whether they hail from the mainstream machinery of Silicon Beach or the madcap manses of Porn Valley, Jarach assesses endless streams of analytics to walk that fine line between catering to fiery trends and triggering butterfly effects of her own.

Heavily involved in the pre- and post-production of major works, like the 2018 XBIZ Performer Showcase of the Year, “I Am Katrina,” Evil Angel’s social media maven has a firm grasp of the company’s narrative. After all, storytelling is the ultimate superpower in this biz, shaping minds on a massive scale with a few keystrokes, cleverly positioned merch and shrewdly applied public persuasion campaigns.

To better ascertain the nuanced approach and elaborate planning required to helm so mighty a brand as Evil Angel, XBIZ sat down with the newly crowned Woman of the Month, in this exclusive interview!

XBIZ: What was your professional background prior to joining Evil Angel and how did you first get involved with the venerated studio?

Jarach: During the last two years of my undergrad I was part of the pre-opening team of a boutique hotel on a private island near Charleston, SC. Formerly the art director and guest experience manager, I’ll always feel a sense of pride knowing that I contributed to the atmosphere, procedures and narrative of the hotel. I joined Evil Angel shortly after receiving my B.S. in Business Administration from College of Charleston. I actually found the opening at Evil on LinkedIn right when I moved to L.A. I keep an open mind and saw the opportunity to have some influence at Evil Angel so it was a perfect fit.

XBIZ: Describe your role as the marketing maestra behind Evil’s social media presence. What’s a typical day/week/month look like for you, planning- and execution-wise?

Jarach: I never have a boring day at work, and that is something I cherish. We promote 18-plus movies featuring more than 70 models per month. I organize every VOD gallery and select the best photos to promote each girl on social media. It’s important to get to know talent as well. The more I can reveal about a girl’s personality in a tweet the more engagement it gets.

I pay close to attention to analytics, Google Trends and what everyone else in the industry is doing in the social space. I like having the ability to schedule tweets on platforms like Hootsuite, but many of the tweets I put out are live. I really enjoy interacting with our talent and fans in real time.

XBIZ: As an endlessly innovative studio, Evil Angel often likes to shake up the status quo. How have you approached promoting unique projects like 2018 XBIZ Performer Showcase of the Year “I Am Katrina” in a way that is distinct from the more day-to-day fare?

Jarach: I get emotionally invested in our unique projects at Evil Angel; they’re so much fun for me. I am a lot more involved in the pre- and post-production on projects like “I Am Katrina.” This involvement allows me to have more control over the narrative of the campaign. We have at least one big campaign per month scheduled for 2018, so it’s going to be a wild year.

XBIZ: Given the importance of infusing company social media postings with human personality, explain your method for repping Evil Angel with enough of that relatable charm to engage fans for the long haul, while maintaining enough emotional distance to transcend conflict?

Jarach: My #1 job on Twitter and Instagram is to make the girls and our brand look good. Second, is to be emotionally engaging and have a memorable attitude. My online persona for @EvilAngelVideo is fun and bitchy. I tried just being fun, but I’m sent too many dick pics to not be a little bitchy. Luckily for me, that’s on brand for Evil Angel. Haha. We like girls with edge and attitude. That’s why Katrina Jade was chosen as our first contract star, she represents everything our brand is.

Keeping an emotional distance, especially after losing so many beautiful young women in the past year, is a bit of a challenge for me. This is where Chris Gentile steps in and plays PR magician. He really helps me guide the narrative when any tough situation arises.

XBIZ: Speaking of engagement levels, how do you utilize analytics to up your Twitter and Instagram game? What were some of your top posts this past year? Any risky endeavors that ultimately paid off?

Jarach: Analytics are the backbone of our social strategy. My favorite thing is seeing a boost in the number of users on via Google Analytics right after a Twitter post. It is difficult to track conversion in the social space. You cannot accurately measure every sale or the value of an increase in brand awareness. A big help for me has been using Twitter- and Instagram-specific promo codes and tracking them on our affiliate site Promo codes allow me to track a new sale even if someone goes to directly.

Some of our tweets with the highest engagement have been funny tweets like “Things you shouldn’t do with a Fleshlight!” Transsexual content also has a really high engagement rate. They have such loyal fans that religiously re-tweet. Our big campaigns like “I Am Katrina” performed the absolute best. We had control over when information was announced so we could be more strategic about the release. We also involved Katrina every step of the way, which made a huge difference in the turnout of the campaign.

Making her wait to announce stuff made her even more excited. Sometimes I go out on a limb and mess around with mainstream celebs and brands online, just for the “lulz.” I am surprised to see which accounts engage with us. @Eat24 has said some pretty dirty things. Haha.

XBIZ: What are your ambitions for expanding the Evil Angel brand in the coming year?

Jarach: Evil Angel has so many big projects planned for 2018. We started the year strong with the addition of Jessy Jones, Proxy Paige and then Lisa Ann to our director stable. Evil Angel Films has its most ambitious project yet in production. Right now, our social media presence is strong and still growing quickly. I’m going to be focusing on our big upcoming projects and fine-tuning our monetization in the social space.