The Art of Making Top Clips

The Art of Making Top Clips
Lena Spanks

Let me first start by saying my name is Lena Spanks. Hi! I am an award-nominated solo female cam model, content creator and amateur porn star. Although I started out just webcamming, ManyVids was the very first and my most favorite platform I sold videos on. After camming for nearly a year, one of my good friends, CherryCrush, introduced me to the world of ManyVids. I remember her telling me to sign up quick before the platform blew up — needless to say, we both saw a lot of potential in it. That was April of 2015.

I was so nervous to start creating and selling my own clips that I began reaching out to photographers in my area and paying to get videos filmed and edited for me. I didn’t own a camera or good quality lighting and when I do something I always want to do it right.

I spend hours every week researching, seeing what new videos are being posted on ManyVids, what’s trending every day on their page and what requests I get from fans. Based on those, I make decisions about upcoming videos!

After a few months of doing just that, I was getting so many requests from fans to shoot more and more content. It was overwhelming — in a good way. To my surprise when I decided to shoot my own amateur content my fans loved it! It wasn’t the best quality and the lighting was off, but they didn’t care. It was real, it was me and it was my own content.

Flash forward to 2018 and I am one of the top 100 female earners out of 14,000 MV stars and have 40 published videos on ManyVids and the list just keeps growing. I’ve been shooting my own high-quality videos and learning as much as I possibly can at photography, editing and everything that goes into making high-quality videos that my fans love. I really think that is the key to success: always learning and adapting. No one ever looks back and says “Man, I wish I didn’t learn so much.” Even now I’m constantly learning new skills and researching for new ideas and concepts that can make my content unique and intriguing.

ManyVids has really changed my life. In the beginning of 2017, my first New Year’s resolution was to become successful on ManyVids and create content I can be proud of. I did just that. ManyVids provides so many opportunities to succeed on their platform, it’s crazy! From weekly contests to blog submissions and to the ManyVids Loft. Don’t even get me started on the MV Loft!

I think the “secrets” to success on ManyVids are as follows: Never stop doing research and never stop learning. I know I’ve said this twice now but it’s honestly the biggest tip I can give anyone in any field. I spend hours every week researching, seeing what new videos are being posted on ManyVids, what’s trending every day on their page and what requests I get from fans. Based on those, I make decisions about upcoming videos!

This one sounds odd and specific but it has helped me so much. Always upload videos on ManyVids at exactly 5 p.m. (PST)! That is when the day truly starts on ManyVids and gives you a huge opportunity to get on the trending page and gain a lot of exposure. The trending page is based off of how much money new videos make within the first day they are posted. Which means, if you upload right when the day starts you may just get on the trending page!

ManyVids has over 1.5 million active members and 54 million page views per month! That is an insane number. If you want to be successful on this site, ManyVids has made it pretty simple. Do yourself a favor and go to the drop-down menu on the right and click “Marketing Tools” and go crazy! From making discount codes to submitting to the ManyVids blog and magazine to applying to stream live on their site, ManyVids has really made promoting yourself to their 1.5 million members easy.

My final tip is to find your niche. It can really be anything! Think of what turns you on and what you feel comfortable experimenting with. My favorite types of content to film are outdoor and girl/girl videos. They’re also my most popular — and not just because they’re hot, but because people love to see a model thoroughly enjoying themselves. Whether that’s masturbating in a public parking garage, in front of 600-plus people at a sex club, dressing up as fairies with another girl or doing some fun roleplay taboo — you will always be more successful and happy doing the things you love.


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