WIA Profile: Sara S.

WIA Profile: Sara S.

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Vendo brands itself as “The AI Biller,” yet its human intelligence is just as crucial as its digital wizardry to the company’s success. Take Sara S., for instance.

I’m responsible for making each event better than the last. I’m learning all the time.

Her crucial support to the executive team, event planning prowess and coordinating finesse ensure high stakes gatherings like the Paysite Meetup and the Vendo Partner Conference run smoothly.

And when unforeseen challenges arise, she stands ready to pivot sharply, improvising as necessary. To that end, she runs a post-game analysis with her team and seeks input from event attendees, to improve the next one.

With a keen eye set on the future and a steady hand at the wheel, Sara seeks to prove herself indispensable. That is why XBIZ ventured to the depths of her Vendo adventures, with this exclusive Woman of the Month interview!

XBIZ: Tell us about your professional background prior to Vendo. What ultimately led you to join their team?

Sara: I have a background in communications. I worked for various companies in the U.S. and Europe in customer relations and event management. Vendo was immediately attractive to me. It’s innovative. The team members are impressive as hell. I could tell how important service was right away.

XBIZ: Describe your role at Vendo. What is a typical day like for you at the office?

Sara: If you’ve been to a great Vendo event, it’s because we really value events. We want our events to be world class. Events are really high stakes. Lots of things can go wrong each time. It’s like Eisenhower said, “Plans are useless, but planning is essential.” We set a vision. Even if everything goes wrong, we work really hard to make the vision happen anyway.

My role consists in managing all Vendo events such as the Paysite Meetup, Vendo Partner Conference, among others. I also give support to the executive team. During a typical day at the office, I’m coordinating what is happening next, envisioning our next projects and making sure we are running our processes as smoothly as possible.

XBIZ: How have your responsibilities evolved since you joined Vendo?

Sara: We change often. Our industry does, too. I’m responsible for making each event better than the last. I’m learning all the time. Lots of post-game analysis with my team and event attendees … that’s how we improve.

XBIZ: Vendo brands itself as “The AI Biller.” In what ways do you help the company fulfill this mission?

Sara: AI is new. New things require exposure and education. I run events where people can get to know AI in billing. They can ask questions and get answers. They can learn.

When people tell me that they made a breakthrough, that they really understand something they didn’t before ... well, that makes me feel really good. I know that I’m helping the company fulfill its mission.

XBIZ: How does Vendo stay ahead of the curve?

Sara: Vendo is always looking to the future. The technology advances very fast and AI is advancing fast. AI is the most important general-purpose technology of our time. It is already having a huge impact on just about every industry and even our personal lives. We are working hard to keep up to date with this revolution and deliver AI tools that will help companies grow. That means being ahead of the curve and helping everyone understand the practical applications of AI today.

XBIZ: What is your favorite aspect of the company culture at Vendo?

Sara: Emphasis on the future. We are a team working on small and big goals to bring the future to today.

XBIZ: What is your proudest accomplishment at Vendo?

Sara: So many! I have hosted so many amazing events it’s hard to choose just one! The events we have been doing in the last four years have been very successful and rewarding. The Vendo Partner Conference and the Paysite Meetup bring the smartest people of the industry together to discuss what we can do better, how we can become stronger and how we should use our resources and talent in the best way. The feedback we get from the attendees is really amazing and I am always very satisfied with the outcome!

XBIZ: Which of your teammates at Vendo has been especially instrumental in achieving success?

Sara: Each person on the team has been very supportive and has played a very important role throughout all these years. I would not have been able to grow and achieve my goals without them. They are all part of it!

XBIZ: Any major ambitions for 2018 and beyond?

Sara: Yes! Grow, learn and do my best, always!