How to Take Cam ‘Freeloaders’ to Private Chat

How to Take Cam ‘Freeloaders’ to Private Chat

Welcome to the New Year, models! I’m happy to start this new year strong, as I’m sure you are too. I just spent a week in Bucharest and I had a bit of a revelation when I was there, where webcam models are still going strong after 10 years. They all look great still, so kudos to them on that!

When I was talking to many of them, they shared that they are upset traffic isn’t as good as it was from 2008 to 2013. Well, that amount of traffic may never be like that again naturally. With the amount of sites out there now, the models have to be a little more proactive than they were in the past. This includes the things I’ve been talking about in my previous articles — bringing in your own traffic through social media, using special dress-up activities like cosplay, wearing sports gear, playing games, changing up your room, etc. These are a few things that models can do to get people more interested in their rooms.

I recommend that you don’t block members just for being quiet. Encourage them to talk.

We’ve already discussed those though, so what I want to discuss in this article is a little more direct: Remember that members are here to fulfill a fantasy, and while some are on the site to get demeaned, calling members negative things like “freeloaders” in the room is likely to poison your chat. I understand that members are often difficult and I see the barrage of “show me your ass” and “show tits.” I know that gets old, but my advice to models is to try and find a fun way to play that off. Demanding that members pay you to see these is making it a transaction, and that is the opposite of what you want to do. Remember that you are an actress and you’re playing the role of your character.

Another thing that I’ve seen and I’ve admonished my models for is blocking members that have zero funds or aren’t talking. They’re there to have a conversation with you to see if you are the model that they want to spend their time and money with. Some guys are just shy. I know that when I really like a woman, I’m very shy. There is a model that I really like and she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and we have amazingly fun conversations, but I get shy around her. This happens for your members too sometimes. If they really like you, they may feel really intimidated by you, and they’re working up the courage to talk to you. I recommend that you don’t block members just for being quiet. Encourage them to talk.

Always try and broadcast with a positive attitude. I can’t stress this enough. If you are going to sit online and be upset, that’s not doing you any favors in the future. What I recommend for models to do if you are not having a great day online, either emotionally or financially, log off for a while, take some photos for your social media, work on your social media, put a bunch of photos up on Instagram, Twitter, etc. Get on Snapchat, make little teaser videos, etc. Listen to positive music, go for a walk, get away from the room. Sometimes a change of scenery will help your mindset tremendously. Put yourself in a place where you will get positive feedback, and let’s face it — that is often online!

Entertain yourself and your members will follow. This is a huge one. If you’re sitting in one place and you look bored, your members will likely be bored too. Luckily, there is something you can do about this. In the background, watch a TV show or movie that entertains you, play a drinking game with your members (but I recommend that you switch out alcohol for colored soft drinks), anything to spice up your room.

I do have a technical tip as well. Try and keep your speakers away from the microphone or camera a bit. It may be on a low volume in your room, but it is incredibly loud to members and imagine the shock if they’re sneaking away to see you and they get an earful of “Despacito.”

Let’s start 2018 strong! Until next time…