Outlook 2018: Premium Content Drives Business

Outlook 2018: Premium Content Drives Business

Adult content is moving beyond its past production formats and typical distribution models to include new ways of producing porn and putting it in the hands of consumers, while maintaining a strong link to its past practices. Custom content, clip-based offers, and the persistence of DVD sales are all playing a role in the equation, as our industry experts revealed when we asked them:

“Looking to the future of video production/distribution, how will you approach 2018 content-wise?”

In terms of content, Dorcel’s strategic line is very simple: ever greater quality! Dorcel is no doubt one of the last studios to produce high range feature adult films. -Gregory Dorcel, CEO, Marc Dorcel

Clement P.

“We will bring on multiple new original series in 2018, but we’re not changing much of our shooting strategy. We’re trying to be as creative as possible to shoot varied content that we can distribute through multiple channels.”

Jesse Garza
Senior Marketing Manager,

“With Kink moving to an independent producer model we are looking forward to continuing relationships with our long-time directors. We will also bring in both veteran and fresh talent, with new perspectives, that bring fetishes and kinks to the table that our audience craves. We’ll be making our content decisions based on the data we collect, survey answers from our members and choose the best directors to produce it based on the authenticity and real-life experience they have, which has been Kink’s focus from day one.”

James Deen
CEO, JamesDeenCash

“I don’t see much changing in content distribution in 2018. Whatever the future brings, I believe it is important to adapt and remember that our job is to provide an experience to the consumer that is enjoyable. We should listen to what they want and provide accordingly.”

Colin Rowntree
CEO, Wasteland

“Now that we are shooting on Red Cinema Cameras, one of our primary efforts will be to ramp up film quality for the ‘Hollywood Feel’ to set our films apart from the flood of traditional porn scenes on the tubes that are truly unique and convert very well.”

Yannick Ferreri
Head of Business Development, Porndoe Production

“Continue to innovate for our members on both content and user experience as we see, once again, users value premium access over the free less refined smorgasbords that are offered in tubes.”

Gregory Dorcel
CEO, Marc Dorcel

“In terms of content, Dorcel’s strategic line is very simple: ever greater quality! Dorcel is no doubt one of the last studios to produce a high range of feature adult films. We’ll continue our efforts this way, and we’ll reinforce what our scenes offer, particularly for the internet. In order to support the strengthening of our international strategy, we’ll make sure to cast even more international talents in our productions.”

Paul Acevedo
Marketing Director, DDF Network

“We will continue to focus on quality as well as actual demand, and of course look for new trends and niches which could be the next big hits. It’s more important than ever to keep an eye on the global landscape and see how that can translate into adult content that is sought after. We will also continue trekking ahead in the VR landscape as we expect cameras and VR gear to take some technological leaps in 2018.”

Jimmy Hess
CEO, VixenVR

“We actually are already giving our filmed content a brain or AI. Our entertainers inside VRClubz will follow you around the ‘World Famous Gold Club San Francisco’ VR in an effort to entice you out of your hard-earned money. Our minds and our studio are still focused and ready to unleash the next phases of VR and AR content. The level of interactivity will continue to become more user-friendly and realistic. More and more people are diving into their new VR headsets and realizing it is a groundbreaking technology. Our goal is to make the user experience simply to navigate and spend money on their favorite forms of entertainment.”

Mia Zhu
CEO, MobiusPay

“With increasing methods of content consumption being utilized, we have created a series of short videos that answer the frequently asked questions about accepting payments online. The series can be viewed on our website, We will continue to create educational videos about avoiding the pitfalls of accepting payments, how to chose a shopping cart, and answering FAQs for businesses. All our content can be viewed on your mobile device and applied to education!”

Steven Grooby
President, Grooby Productions

“We’ll approach 2018 the same as we do each year: continue to produce content by finding the best models and getting the best quality and scenes we can within the budget and then get those scenes to create different revenue streams from the paysites, the DVDs (both streaming and physical) and clips sites.”

Axel Vézina
Chief Strategy Officer, CrakRevenue

“Investments in video production/distribution will continue to be part of our overall strategy to promote our brands and provide the most compelling offers to our affiliates. Like many things in life, some directions of trends end up coming full circle over a 10 year period. I foresee content production and distribution on the rise in 2018. Amateur content involving couples are likely to gain traction on the tubes. As for paysites, it wouldn’t surprise me if a more serialized model won out. Doing a five scene series with actors in a certain niche will please the millennial crowd that’s used to the Netflix-model of content distribution. Without giving away too much of what’s to come in 2018, we plan to increase production for our online properties doing exclusive original scenes by working hand-in-hand with a small group of producers. We still see a lot of European content continuously uploaded by some of the big brands, but this route will likely slow down as more people realize you cannot cheapen the relationship you have with your audience, especially when targeting North America. There’s no doubt about it — content will remain king in 2018.”

Gian Carlo
Founder, BitterStrawberry

“Content is always something that we have at the top of our priority list. We started by shooting what we knew people wanted in E.U. Then we slowly improved upon these set standards having established ourselves as a serious player and with that, we are going global. Our aspirations are to offer the full range of sexuality, in a user experience that reacts to your desires. 2018 is the year we will be able to achieve this.”

Dan Leal
CEO, Immoral Productions

“We will continue to shoot the hardcore portion of our shows live in 4K, but have also recently started shooting story-driven content beforehand so there are more revenue opportunities we repurpose it online.”

Dinorah Hernandez
Director, BadoinkVR

“As always, we will continue to seek out and incorporate feedback from our community to help shape our productions. As VR continues to advance — from on both the production and user experience side — we can provide an even more immersive experience.”