Outlook 2018: Fortune Favors the Brave

Outlook 2018: Fortune Favors the Brave

Today’s adult entertainment industry offers companies no room for stagnation — competition is at an all-time high, while the pool of paying customers is dwindling in the face of free porn, making the pursuit of excellence a matter of necessity rather than desire.

Consumers and companies alike benefit, with the race fueling a spate of new initiatives, such as those underway by this group of business leaders, who answered:

We see the proliferation of VR and the use of AI programming for machine memory learning. Asthese technologies continue to develop this sector, our payment technology continues to evolve to enhance customer experience. -Mia Zhu, CEO, MobiusPay

“Given your business outlook for 2018, what new initiatives will you pursue?”

Steven Grooby
President, Grooby Productions

“I’ll answer this the same as I try to do most years. You’ll see it when we do it.”

Mugur Cosmin Frunzetti
CEO, Studio 20

“In 2018 we will pursue two business directions: first is to further increase our quality in respect to models, support, marketing and procedures; second is to open new studios on top of our current 15 locations, pursuing our plan to reach 100 studios by the end of 2020.”

Yannick Ferreri
Head of Business Development, Porndoe Production

“We would like to become a place where models feel they can expand their portfolio. The best content comes when both production and models can benefit mutually so we aim to offer an experience that isn’t just another scene.”

James Deen
CEO, JamesDeenCash

“Honestly, as boring of an answer as it is, I want to find proper partners to maximize second-tier revenue. I want to make sure to provide customers with good value while also offering competing products that they will enjoy. This is difficult because it is not my primary business model, hence the partner comment. I also find it very important to maintain transparency and honesty with your consumers. It is a delicate balance but I believe that if you are offering products of value, members will respond to it.”

Manager, Angels Studio

“In my opinion, VR is the next new big thing coming up for live cams. At Angels Studio we are excited about this addition, but also expectant. Probably 2018 will be the year the step will be made.”

Jesse Garza
Senior Marketing Manager,

“We will continue working on our in-house affiliate platform, bringing the latest technologies and tools to help our partners promote our site. We’ll be really beefing up our content discovery tools for users — with a library of over 12,000 in-house videos and hundreds of more partner videos this is extremely valuable to our users. Outside of that, we’ll continue to build cross-promotion with our paysite partners to keep interested and qualified members within our ecosystem and build secondary revenues with our partners.”

Clement P.

“We will be focusing on expanding our portfolio with new types of entertainment and providing our customer base with superior original content so we can create added value for our customers. consumers want it all — professional productions, amateur videos, live cams, dating, games and more. We’ll also be focusing a lot of energy and resources on producing superior original series content.”

Karen Campbell
VP, OrbitalPay

“We are focused on delivering OrbitalPay 2.0, the new payment processing services platform to the marketplace. The new system will provide new authorization modes, fraud management tools, compliance checks, settlement options and billing capabilities that will assist our partners in solving critical problems for their businesses while freeing them up to focus on their core needs.”

Jim Austin
Head of Business Development, Stripchat

“There are a lot of exciting initiatives taking off in 2018. I’m excited about the new interactive toys being developed, the introduction of VR, and the sale of content for models right on the cam sites themselves. At Stripchat, we are always in pursuit of new technologies and anything that makes our site more user and model friendly. One of my personal goals for 2018 is to broaden our model base and increase models from countries that are currently under-represented on Stripchat.”

Jimmy Hess
CEO, VixenVR

“VRClubz and VixenVR are both monetized and performing great with users. VRClubz being our breakout hit with fans and our biggest producer resulting in a continued expansion on the franchise adding more clubs as brick and mortar brands are looking to our tech to expand their monetization, reach and exposure. The demand for virtual storefronts for adult content and mainstream products for that matter will continue to climb. A big part of our business has come as inquiries from other companies asking how to integrate their company and capitalize. We are seeing an increase in companies looking to create their own virtual versions of their stores or content as well as an interest in our proprietary micro-transaction payment systems. For example who wouldn’t want the chance to visit an international Gentlemens’ Club like String in Norway or Stringfellow’s in London and spend a few dollars never leaving the comfort of home. We have also been collaborating with several camming companies on how to integrate and have recently teamed with Terpon Cams to explore more possibilities with their cutting-edge streaming VR hardware and software. We are really excited to see the enthusiasm and for many necessities to start working on their brands mixed reality offerings to customers.”

Ela Darling

“We are always looking for new ways to make CAM4VR the most immersive camming experience possible. We will add new ways for performers to maximize both impact and earnings while unveiling groundbreaking ways for viewers to feel closer than ever to their favorite VR stars.”

Holly Ruprecht
Senior Manager of Business Development, Hustler

“Business as usual no longer works, companies that adapt the change are the ones who will succeed. I predict more personalization of content for the consumer, cams will continue to play a major role. We will continue to monitor the landscape of business both adult and mainstream, and adapt as needed.”

Steve Hamilton
Model Manager,

“In addition to the models uploading created content, which is an exciting new direction for Cams, we are also excited to rebrand for models to play video games online with members. We feel that this in addition to closing the gap between dating and camming is the new initiatives that will guide us in 2018.”

Axel Vézina
Chief Strategy Officer, CrakRevenue

“We recently added a ton of new crypto and adult gaming offers to our offer portfolio and we plan to expand on these verticals in 2018. Indeed, our affiliates have had amazing results with these offers recently so we want to make sure that they always have plenty offers to choose from on CrakRevenue’s platform. We plan to continue creating innovative products that bring something to the table when it comes to our valued partners. The greatest value we bring to each other’s businesses are new ways of thinking and acting on a larger scale. With that thought process in mind, we launched on retail’s biggest day this year, Black Friday. It’s been a big hit. I don’t want to reveal too much at the moment, but we are also working on something really big related to cams — in fact, I think that everybody in the cam Industry will be amazed by it. Stay tuned! You’ll definitely hear about it in 2018.”

Wouter Groenewoud
Affiliate Manager, Traffic Company

“Next year Traffic Company’s main focus will be on building more exclusive offers. Our tech department has been building a strong foundation that will make creating new offers much easier. Currently, we operate in about 15 countries with our in-house built offers and our goal is to have that number up to at least 25 by the end of 2018.”

Paul Acevedo
Marketing Director, DOF Network

“We plan to really dive deep into our content and processes, streamline, and segment for best user experience on the customer side, and efficiency in what we produce on the marketing side. Gone are the times of just producing content and seeing what sticks. Ideally, every production should have a purpose and a high demand.”

Mia Zhu
CEO, MobiusPay

“We see the proliferation of VR and the use of AI programming for machine memory learning. Asthese technologies continue to develop this sector, our payment technology continues to evolve to enhance customer experience. We continue to prepare our clients for card association and technological change by educating and implementing practical risk and fraud tools.”

Gregory Dorcel
CEO, Marc Dorcel

“Our works in progress are an even stronger international presence starting with an already reinforced footprint in Canada via our partnership with Anne-Marie Losique from Vanessa Media and specific plans with the U.S. and other European countries with our over-the-top offers, TV networks or our retail and products developments. Indeed, our efforts will also be particularly targeted on the strengthening of our products and retail activities, as well as on the development of our web offers.”

Colin Rowntree
CEO, Wasteland

“Our major initiative for the coming year will be to continue to develop legal marijuana cooking and talk shows for mainstream viewers. We recently released the cornerstone of this effort at”

Mitch Platt
Founder, Vendo Services

“We’ve spent the last five years developing advanced tools, primarily using AI. We developed them for ourselves. They required experts to operate these tools. In 2018 we will be making these tools easily available for our paysite clients. They will get the power of AI in many new areas of their business. It will help them take more, better decisions based on real data about their business and the industry.”

Anthony Rivera
Founder, LALExpo/AJ Studios

“We could not have accomplished so much without the partnerships that we have forged in the industry and it is an integral part of our success. We believe strongly in partnerships, sponsoring and supporting the industry that has supported our business over the years. Hence we decided to create LALExpo four years ago. The webcam and adult industry, in general, is being stigmatized now more than ever in Colombia, a proof of this is what we had to go thru in our last LALExpo conference, so a goal is to change the perception the mainstream and general public has about our industry, to accomplish this one of our projects has been starting a professional trade association for the adult industry in Colombia, ASOCEA. Besides working to improve the overall image of our industry in Colombia, will also seek to establish a legal and business framework to improve the competitiveness, regulations and fair competition in the industry.”

Gian Carlo
Founder, BitterStrawberry

“What we show people we are working on is often the tip of the iceberg. We investigate every trend, concept, and idea that comes to mind. You can’t always strike gold, but you can’t find any if you do not mine.”

Dan Leal
CEO, Immoral Productions

“I feel that 2018 will be the best year to date for me and my company. I have quickly become very well established here in Budapest and have great crews working with me on several new projects that we will announce later.”

Dinorah Hernandez
Director, BadoinkVR

“We are focused on continuing to improve the overall user entertainment experience and as the technologies continue to evolve we will incorporate new features into our platform to ensure the best possible experience.”