Execs of the 2017: Digital Media Sales Pros Discuss Most Profitable Trends of the Year

Execs of the 2017: Digital Media Sales Pros Discuss Most Profitable Trends of the Year

XBIZ World is pleased to present its annual “Execs of the Year” special issue — a showcase of the trends and strategies that drove success in 2017.

The industry's unsung heroes, account executives serve as the helpful face of a company and play a key role in any business’ success.

I think the best way to keep generating business is to stay present and relevant. A company’s billing strategy needs to be built on a foundation of rock solid trust with whom they’re working. -Chris Rodger, Payze

Each of the account executives we spoke to is among the finalist nominees for the digital edition of the 2018 XBIZ Exec Awards. Representing a variety of the industry’s most respected brands, the Account Executive of the Year nominees share their take on the most profitable trends that drove business in 2017.

What’s proven to be your most effective tactic in terms of generating new business?

Chris Rodger

“I think the best way to keep generating business is to stay present and relevant. A company’s billing strategy needs to be built on a foundation of rock solid trust with whom they’re working. The relationship building side of the business is paramount to me.”

Dave Scott

“Pre-tradeshow publicity is one of our most effective tactics to acquire new business for Getting the word out that will be in attendance at least one month prior to the event significantly improves my success at each show. Our marketing team will do three postings on the relevant media platforms. Our first post will indicate our attendance and the event date. The second post will indicate the desired business we are hoping to conduct. Our last media post is typically a ‘see you there’ notice. It is important to note that we are setting up meetings with potential partners.”

Kimi Evans

“When it comes to drumming up new business I prefer to take the personal approach. Getting to know potential clients well, discussing the details of their needs and tailoring a solution to fit their requirements is very important. Attitude, diligence and patience play a big part in working on getting new business set up from inception to integration. The work is never really done — once new business has been initially developed, there’s a multitude of different elements to ensure a successful relationship with the new client.”

Sinisha Colemac

“I would say generally taking time to research new and upcoming programs has been always helpful, as well as making sure to be well updated with the schedule of events during the trade shows in order to strategically cover as many business opportunities as possible.”

Kristi Greer

“Cultivating relationships. I typically attend 10-plus industry events a year, where I meet and speak with clients face to face. Of course, not everyone you meet will have an immediate need for your service, but developing a relationship with someone can generate referrals while keeping the door open to a future business relationship — in other words, basic networking. At SegPay, we also continually re-invest in our technology and payment platform. We do a lot of development based on the needs of our clients, which fosters loyalty and helps generate new business opportunities.”

Simon Roy

“Go out there and shake some hands! Be yourself, with no bullshit, and make sure you build relationships first. Business will follow!”

Wendy Nelson

“Taking advantage of social media marketing has been the most effective tactic for me to generate new business and develop new relationships. With people generally spending two or more hours on average per day utilizing these networks, it’s easier for my team and me to take opportunities to leverage new business using social media. Social media marketing allows me to research prospects, and connect with them on social networks such as, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This has given me the opportunity to convert customers in a very cost-effective way.”

Marissa Ataliotis

“One of the biggest challenges in such a tight-knit industry is getting new business. I will always say ‘network, network and network.’ However, having the ability to back up the new business you generate from it is key. Everyone knows the importance of networking — but it’s also crucial to know who you are targeting beforehand, and directly engage with those leads afterward. Know who you spoke to, and follow up. Getting to know your leads and continuing to pursue them is crucial. Even those you may not consider relevant, as they sometimes end up being the most relevant of them all. And lastly, of course, maintaining the business relationships you build over time is the key to long-term success.”

Nancy Moore
Traffic Pimps

“I have to say that I have many tactics when it comes to generating new business. First, I need to recognize the needs of my potential clients. Once this is done, I simply contact them and offer my services pointing out what I can do to help them succeed with my products. I often use the ‘cold call’ tactic, which doesn’t necessarily bring instant results but is very effective in the long run. Although prospection is very important, you have to keep your customers happy by providing the latest available promo tools and reaching out once in a while to see if their needs have changed. Of course, Google searches, conventions and boards are also very good ways of finding new business opportunities.”

Paul Kluzak

“My impeccable suits. But seriously, I think it is about being myself with people. Without sounding egotistical, being true to my convictions and commitment to honesty has been my best tactic in generating trust with my connections, and trust for their new business. Working with professionals around the globe, creating trustworthy relationships is something I place great value in and I appreciate that my industry colleagues notice as well. Especially in our tight-knit community where relationships mean everything.”