Intimacy, Personality Key to Male Cam Model Success

Intimacy, Personality Key to Male Cam Model Success

My name is Wes Myers and I am the gay market performer manager for CAM4. My job requires me to help male performers become successful, ensure gay males are being represented, and provide the support needed on our platform. Many years ago, I was performing on CAM4 just for fun. At first it seemed very appealing because why wouldn’t you want to make money for jerking off? However, I later found myself frustrated because I was not in the right mindset. Day after day I would just sit there with my dick out, demand tokens and get frustrated when nobody would tip me.

I soon realized that the most successful performers are the ones who really enjoyed camming. Anyone can whip their dick out in front of a webcam, however if you don’t enjoy it, people won’t respond the way you had anticipated. Viewers can sense when a performer is not being genuine during a live show. If you are an aspiring webcam performer, make sure that it’s something you really want to do.

It’s not your dick that will make you successful; it’s your personality. Time to get to know people, make strong connections and really let the viewers know just how much you appreciate them.

I want everyone to keep an open mind about camming. Joining the community offers lots of opportunities for growth and success. For so many, CAM4 has been the best experience of their lives … even though originally it wasn’t something they set out to do.

I chose CAM4 because everyone on the site makes you feel like you are part of one big family (“camily”). Performers love to talk to each other and support one another’s shows. My experience thus far has been a great one and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. CAM4 puts their performers first. As a performer, you get to control how far you want to go and what you are comfortable with. Don’t let anyone make you do something that you don’t want to do.

The best part about CAM4, is that if someone gets too aggressive, you just click the little “x” at the top of the browser and poof they’re gone! Make your own schedule and find a consistent way for your fans to set aside time to join you every day or every week.

CAM4 offers many different features than most traditional cam sites do. As a performer, you have the ability to upload personal videos, create private shows, fan clubs (a monthly subscription to your content), photo galleries and more. Recently, CAM4 introduced the “Myshop” feature, which is a great way to make additional money from your profile. You set the price and decide which video(s) you want your fans to have access to.

One thing that I think performers need to know is that Twitter is their “live” business card. If you are a performer and you want to succeed, social media is your best friend. Some of the top performers are constantly updating their Twitter profiles with photos, videos, show times and day-to-day communication to their fans. People start to notice and in no time that following will bring you more viewers. It’s a great way to network with different performers and get feedback/tips/tricks.

If I write anymore, this article will turn into a book, so let me end with this. Everyone has a dick and there are all different types of dicks. It’s not your dick that will make you successful; it’s your personality and your interaction with those fans. Take time to get to know people, make strong connections and really let the viewers know just how much you appreciate them. People will come and go, but it is those core viewers that will stick with you to the end. Always remember, a positive state of being before you turn your cam on. We all know that being in a positive state means positive things will happen. If you go on cam in a bad or stressed out mood no one will want to watch you — envision success and it will come. Some days are up and some are down, but you should always remain positive … you never know who is watching.

Secondly, record yourself! If you truly want to improve, then record one of your shows and watch it back in its entirety. You will be able to see what you are doing right so you can focus and expand on those things. This is the best and fastest way to improve your show. At the end of the day just think … “Would I watch me?”

Thirdly, don’t take this job personally! The second you do, you get too emotionally involved and things get messy. This is a job and you make great friends but remember, the internet is the one place where viewers don’t have to be themselves and where you can be truly free. So if you cross that line and get too close you ruin the fantasy and could possibly lose a fan. Let the friendships you make online be just that, friendships online only.

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