Beyond Geography: Good Cam Habits Are Universal

Beyond Geography: Good Cam Habits Are Universal

My friends think Sure Cakes is a stage name, my family members sort of believe that I am a stenographer with a passion for baking, society considers me a sex worker with low morals and my fans think that I am the greatest woman in the world! What is really going on in this magical place of Cakeland all the time? Even I wonder some days!

Moving to Puerto Rico and taking on my cam career full-time has been the best and hardest decision I have made in my adult life. I was nervous to be put in the Latin American category because most of the women are “muy bonita!” Luckily, the biggest problem has been finding a trustworthy internet provider!

Moving to Puerto Rico and taking on my cam career full-time has been the best and hardest decision I have made in my adult life.

From 2014 until 2017 I had worked on many adult webcam sites, putting forth moderate effort and had not found a place that contained my definition of success. I was not confident that it was going to be a successful endeavor for me and honestly, dreaded being on cam.

I would work long (long) hours with no direction or goals and rarely made enough money to justify sitting naked in front of a group of men on the internet. I found myself constantly rattling around ideas, “What was going wrong? How can this turn into something awesome?! Should I try something else?” It was frustrating! Watching other cam shows, trying to learn from other women who have found success … there wasn’t a cam girl hand book! It was trial and error!

After searching long and hard for “the way” to be successful in Latin America and on cam in general, I personally see one major turning point for myself. In early 2016 I found Chaturbate, made a cam schedule, stuck to it, found a great MOD and started asking my family members for support!

Once I was showing face on a regular basis, my room started to pick up and I became confident in my career choice. My moderator Wooly_Back helped me advertise and promote myself properly, while Hallowin90 helped me create a profile and images that portray the type of cam model that I wanted to show the world. Soon after, my overall involvement and interest in my shows skyrocketed!

Cam had officially changed from a dreadful way to make some extra money to a full-blown awesome career! It just took some hard work, dedication, good people around me, some creative show ideas mixed in with the right platform for me! Also, changing my shows to only entail things that I was comfortable with and honestly, being myself, attracted the right kind of people in my room.

A few months later, I was nominated for the XBIZ cam awards, making great money and loving my life. Most importantly, I wanted to get on cam every day and felt successful doing it. The road to becoming an XBIZ Award-winning webcam model with over 200 thousand followers took a lot of hard work, persistence and dedication. I have so much growing to do and so many models to learn from but have had a pretty great beginning!