Crossing Over: How to Straddle Adult Movies, Camming

Crossing Over: How to Straddle Adult Movies, Camming

There has always been more to the adult industry than someone originally sees, whether they are a performer or a fan. Adult movie stars and cam models currently have many ways to make money online and the options are always expanding. Crossing over between the movie industry and the camming world is becoming more common due to new tools, marketplaces and cam sites available. Taking time to learn about both sides of these similar, yet different, industries can help a model become successful at managing both responsibilities in his or her career.

Crossing over after starting in the adult movie industry is a great way to bring current fans closer to an adult star. Traffic is easier to gain with this method since live cam shows with fan favorites are more attractive to viewers than in the past. Entertainers will need to choose the cam platform that best matches their personality, fan base, marketing plans and financial goals. Taking all of this into consideration may result in the need to try out many cam sites — which is completely normal and common. Recording statistics and numbers will help a model figure out which cam sites they should spend time on and which sites they can use in the future.

Leaving two or more days open per week to cam around a shooting schedule is highly recommended. Consistency is one of the most important factors for building a fan base.

Models frequently become shocked when they realize how much time, work and effort it takes to become a top cam model. It is important to know where your focus is and where it should be. Learning time management skills, sticking to a schedule and developing a team that is encouraging are all great ways to have a well-rounded balance. Leaving two or more days open per week to cam around a shooting schedule is highly recommended. Consistency is one of the most important factors for building a cam site fan base. After an adult movie star has decided on a platform and schedule, they should then release the information to fans via social media or press releases. Fans love when adult stars make extra time for them and this makes camming a huge income booster.

Camming can also lead to a successful crossover into the adult industry. Models must research companies, directors and agencies in the same way they would search for a new cam site to work on. Asking for references is a great way to find information about someone you aren’t familiar with. Research is the most important element in deciding where to go and who to shoot with. Some adult stars will do content shoot trades with popular cam models, which can be beneficial if you are looking to be noticed. Cam girls and guys should also know their exact limits before arriving to a professional shoot.

The adult movie industry will have a set of standards that will be completely new to an experienced cam model. Testing and staying current on STD tests should be a main priority. Cammers will also need to adjust their time management skills between making their own schedule and being called in on someone else’s schedule to shoot a movie. Always be on time to a professional shoot because being late can cause major delays for the rest of the crew on set!

Companies and agencies may be willing to chat with you over Twitter, email or phone before you make any major steps in their direction. Cam models should have all of their questions answered before they sign or agree to do anything new. Networking at business expos and summits is an amazing way to show dedication to top professionals. Growing a fan base on social media will be extremely helpful if a model wants to be noticed by larger companies.

Whether a model is crossing over to, or from, the cam world, each direction requires research, networking, goal setting and dedication. If a model doesn’t see progress right away, they should keep trying new methods and strategies. Watch how other models made a crossover and try to apply their strategies with new ideas. The adult movie industry and camming are two different careers, and with practice a model can successfully manage both jobs!