New Kids on the Block:

New Kids on the Block:

Since launching in spring, the crew behind has created a brand that surely lives up to its name — the site is truly fucking awesome.

Site creators have opened up the doors to fans of hardcore porn, offering users a buffet of downloadable and streaming 4K Ultra-HD porn and more. Everyone loves buffets, right?

Fucking Awesome has been a dream of ours for a long time. We’ve felt that there’s been a gap in the marketplace for a while that we could fill (pun intended).

From its first produced series, “No Strings Attached” — a 12-scene romp featuring such blue-chip talent like Mia Malkova, Karlee Grey, Jill Kassidy, Alexa Grace, Sophie Ryan, Olivia Nova, Marica Hase, Adria Rae and Vicki Chase — to its recent “Sexual Harmony” musical series where viewers can bang to the beat, Fucking Awesome is taking things to the next level.

The company has even ratcheted up attention by tapping into adult star Samantha Rone, who has become Fucking Awesome’s ambassador and will represent the brand across all social media channels.

The crew behind Fucking Awesome has a grand vision for the site, which works on a freemium model, and XBIZ wanted to know all about it. We recently spoke to one of the site’s founder’s, Christian, to hear about the company’s bold new site and business model.

XBIZ: When did the idea of Fucking Awesome come about? And how did the project get off the ground?

FA: Fucking Awesome has been a dream of ours for a long time. We’ve felt that there’s been a gap in the marketplace for a while that we could fill (pun intended). With the success of online streaming platforms such as Netflix, we felt that we could recreate the same type concept, but with porn, offering users low-price high- quality content. The concept of “Fucking Awesome original series” is something we’ve been very excited to get off the ground.

XBIZ: A lot of attention has been given to the ultraclean-looking site’s design, as well as its blog, porn star bios and all of the other bells and whistles. Was putting it all together an easy accomplishment?

FA: It definitely was no easy task, but something of the utmost importance to us.

Our team meticulously put together the vision for the website and then actual testing and implementation over countless hours and many sleepless nights in order to make it 100 percent device and user friendly to cater to anyone with an internet connection.

We’re constantly testing the site on any new OS and for any technological changes that happen to make sure that we’re always ahead of the game.

With regard to having a blog and behind-the-scenes content, this was part of the vision from the beginning. At Fucking Awesome we offer a full-service experience.

Our blog, while very fresh, will feature content from professional writers as well as the industry’s most beautiful women. We aim to give you a full 360-degree look at your favorite porn stars.

XBIZ: What kinds of content are you ultimately striving for?

FA: We’re really looking to go wide with the type of content we offer in order to suit every porn fan’s need. It’s important to us to have interesting story lines that the fans can connect with and keep coming back for.

We’ve also made it a mainstay to have all scenes shot in 4K Ultra HD, at the very best locations with the most sought-after adult talent. Our goal is to push the bar that’s currently set in the porn world.

XBIZ: For consumers, who can see top-notch 4K content even streamed to their TVs, the price seems quite a bargain. How did you settle on the price?

FA: We thought the model that Netflix offered was a strong one to follow. The ability to have fantastic content and be at a price everyone can afford is very important. We know there’s a lot of free porn out there, but we believe that given the quality and level of content, fans will be all about Fucking Awesome.

XBIZ: Let’s hear about social media efforts on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

FA: Bringing on Samantha Rone was the first move we made — having a face that fans can already connect to, interacting with them on a daily basis brought something to the table immediately.

Twitter is where we’re able to showcase our content and show off our talent. We post GIFs of clips from scenes and SFW and NSFW content. You can also see us interacting with other porn stars quite often. Instagram showcases the more artsy side of our brand. We have stunning photos of the girls who have shot for us often in gorgeous scenic settings.

Samantha also regularly appears on InstaLive and in Insta stories. Snapchat is another social network we’re trying to build. Since launching about a month ago, we’ve had seven girls bring us along on their day doing takeovers for @TheFACrew.

Finally, YouTube has recently been a great success, firstly with the behind the scenes content that really allows fans to get to know their favorite girls, and the SFW side of the Sexual Harmony series have really given the viewer something to connect with. We plan on continuing to develop content that’s relatable and shareable to round out the #FuckingAwesome experience.

XBIZ: How about original series like “Sexual Harmony,” with its artsy sex scenes set to music. What other kinds of original programming is FuckingAwesome considering?

FA: We had a lot of fun shooting “Sexual Harmony”, it gave us an opportunity to go beyond purely porn. We also believe it gave viewers something they’ve never seen before with a continuation to actual sex on the site.

While we don’t want to spoil our upcoming surprises, you can be sure that you’ll see really hot outside the box concepts. Our next series has to do with “Sexual Fantasies”, but you’ll have to tune in to see just how wild things get.

XBIZ: Is there any consideration for the virtual reality platform, or not?

FA: While it was a hotly debated topic for us originally, we made the decision from the start to not go towards VR. We believe strongly that the average fan prefers high quality almost “normal” porn compared to the solution they’re unfamiliar with, and which can be more costly with VR.

It’s our belief that innovations like Airplay and ChromeCast are more important to the user than VR content.

XBIZ: What’s the future hold for FuckingAwesome?

FA: We’ve been perfecting our craft over the last several months and shooting a ton of amazing content.

We’ll be coming out of beta in early September at which time we will be able to open up to affiliates for further promotion.

Beyond that, we have some cool marketing endeavors coming up that we’re hoping will put us on the map!

And, of course, we’ll be releasing new “Fucking Awesome Original Series” regularly, so stay tuned!