Discovering Yourself Through Camming

Discovering Yourself Through Camming

A very wise man asked me some time ago, right when I started camming, “Who is Daphny Meyer?” I looked at him a bit perplexed, as he was no stranger to me, nor I to him. And so, my answer came swift and short: “Me.” He replied, “I see...” And I could see his discontent with my answer. His curious glare made me feel a little uneasy. Although we were more than familiar, at that particular moment I could barely look him in the eye. “I honestly believe that there is more than just your sweet yet simple ‘me,’” he imparted in a calm tone of voice. “Do try to elaborate more on this subject and maybe we will have this conversation again. Find out who Daphny Meyer is and reach out.” Then, he walked away, leaving me there motionless, with his words still racing through my brain.

But, life goes on, the moment passed and so did the memory of the strange event. My camming career was at its very beginning and I had too much on my mind to hang on to some words. My decision of taking up camming as a career was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. It would only be later, much … much later, that I’d have the answer to his question.

For you girls out there that want to thrive and become number one, I have only this to say … spend time online as much as possible, talk to your guests and members, be yourself, respect your support and marketing team, take care of your image and stay positive!

You see, ever since I was a child, I have always been the shy, quiet type … always flying under the radar, avoiding human contact as much as I could. Being very petite and thin really helped in this matter, I guess. Growing up, I never thought too highly of myself. I wasn’t an outstanding pupil in school, never ever the life of the party, always alone, always watching the world go by from afar, with my head stuck in a cloud, without any desire to get it out from there. You would think that at least my life at home would have been a bit happier, warmer, but unfortunately no. My father, a hardworking man, nonetheless spent most of his spare time with his beloved beer bottles. He kept all his nice words for them, leaving my mother and I with the more unpleasant ones. His bitterness made her even more resentful and bitter than he was. And out of all three of us, guess who was the getting all the “attention”? Yes, your cute little Daphny.

And so, the years passed. I grew older and felt even sadder. My loneliness became my safe place. My sorrow took the form of normalcy and I couldn`t even start to imagine a different life. After finishing high school, my academic years had come to an end. I’d taken a job in a small shop where I sold cheap brushes and paints to art students that were studying in the university down the street. Still, the days passed me by without any meaningful events going on and I had pretty much surrendered to my situation. Then, one faithful day, opportunity showed its face to me and I left my day job happy (as happy as I could have been), thinking of the savings jar I had hidden in my home closet. My parents were at home, of course … dad sipping from his beer bottle, as usual, with mom ranting in a corner about dad`s drinking and his constant lack of interest in her ... a normal day in the life of the Meyer family.

I walked in, offering a brief hello, before rushing into the safety of my room. Nobody even took notice of me but I liked it that way. I took the jar and started counting the money, but after I finished once, I couldn`t believe my eyes! I had just enough to pay an advance on a small apartment near work. I could finally start a life for myself, away from my grumpy parents, in a place I could call my own. Finally, Lady Luck had turned her face my way! I even built up the courage to let them know this little bird is flying from the nest.

A while had passed and I was quite unsatisfied with how things were going. I had an apartment of my own and a job through which I could pay for it, but oh, how I wanted to leave my spot behind the counter and just do more, see more, be more. I wanted to be like those glamorous girls I always saw on TV and commercials, the ones that always have cute clothes, the ones that smile a lot, the ones that have it all. An ad popped up on my computer one day. It was for a job offer to become a “cam model.”

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself. I had heard about these cam models and their myths. How they put their bodies on display for dirty old men, in exchange for money. Even though everything was happening behind a camera, the image in my head was that of a dirty, smelly brothel, with sad women sitting around in their underwear, waiting for someone to take them “in private” and tip them for their erotic favors. Nevertheless, I wanted to see the truth and applied for the job. “What else could go wrong?” I wondered. “The girls look happy all the time. Maybe there’s something there.”

The next day, I received a call from Studio 20, and to my surprise, it wasn`t the voice of a wicked witch at the end of the line, but that of a very kind lady who wanted to invite me to meet her for an interview. The little devil in my head beamed with excitement “Did you hear that? She`s inviting you!” It wasn`t a request or a demand, it was an invitation! I immediately said, “Yes,” seduced by her calm yet cheerful manner and couldn`t sleep a wink all through the night.

As I arrived to the studio’s main headquarters, I was greeted by the same delightful lady that called me the day before. She was as calm and as cheerful as I remembered her, very friendly and welcoming. It all made me feel like home. Not my home of course! This place was so nice and clean and everything smelled like perfume. The carpet on the floor had the color of a red ruby and left me with the impression of a Hollywood red carpet. Suddenly, a beautiful woman passed by, smiling at me. She looked so happy and glamorous with no resemblance to the brothel girls I thought of the day before. Needless to say I took the job without giving it a second thought.

And so, my camming days had begun, slowly at first, as I had no idea what I should do and I couldn`t let go of all the misconceptions I had regarding the men I had to deal with. Soon enough, these too would melt away. Sure, I came across weirdos and all but I was also lucky enough to meet some nice people who were looking for a nice pastime online, because they lacked the time for it in real-life. I was making friends with whom I shared some of my sorrows and experiences. Friends who made me laugh, who told me I was worth something and also didn`t hesitate to show me beyond words.

A month passed. Then, the second. Then, the one after that. Winter had settled in and I was happily living alone in my small one-bedroom apartment for which I started making regular payments. Life was good, the money was good. Until one day ...

As I slept soundly, a thick and suffocating smell woke me up. I started panicking at the sight of fire getting bigger and bigger, swallowing everything I had. Without giving it any thought, I grabbed a jacket and my phone and stormed out as fast as I could. What did I do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I just stood there, barefoot in the cold snow, watching the fire dance its way through everything I ever owned. What else could I have done?

With my hopes and dreams now turned into ashes, I had no other solution than to go back to my parents’ house. Before anything, I called the studio to tell them what had happened and that I couldn`t come to work in the morning, then silently headed to my parents’ house. Even though I said I wouldn’t, I went to work the next day. The walls of my childhood room were suffocating me and I couldn`t stand to be there a minute longer. At the studio, my sad tears turned into ones of joy and gratitude. All my colleagues had already teamed up to get me clothes, money and whatever else they thought I needed. This was too much! So many nice people!

Even the members in my room became alert and wanted to help. In that moment, with nothing else to do, starting from almost rock bottom, I decided to work more, and so I did! The studio became my home and my members turned into my closest friends. I spent so many hours online that I couldn`t even count! But someone was counting. One day, as I finished my last private show and gathered up my things, I received the news: I was the first Studio 20 model to win 1st place in Live Jasmin`s revenue period. I couldn`t believe it! I was beaming with excitement and with new hope.

All those hours spent online, the constant help of my team, the ambition of not going back to someone that I don’t even recognize, they worked. I was overwhelmed. Then, I fell silent, because I remembered those wise words: “Who is Daphny Meyer?” The answer was clear as crystal: Daphny Meyer is a fighter! Daphny Meyer is an independent woman! Daphny Meyer is a romantic girl with shy hopes and dreams who never thought that something was to become of her! Daphny Meyer is a friend, a colleague, a confidant, a mistress! Daphny Meyer is one of the #GirlsFromStudio20. Daphny Meyer is exactly who she wanted to be, she was a winner and she will continue to be one!

For you girls out there that want to thrive and become number one, I have only this to say … spend time online as much as possible, talk to your guests and members, be yourself, respect your support and marketing team, take care of your image and stay positive! If there’s one thing I`ve learned, in the recipe for success, failure is one of the main ingredients. So, chin up, man up and relax because whatever happens “we succeed together.”

Daphny Meyer is one of the #GirlsFromStudio20, who overcame the trials and tribulations of challenging circumstances to become the first-ever Studio 20 model to win first place in Live Jasmin’s revenue period.