Jules Jordan's Ezra Kamer Pushes Boundaries of Tech

Jules Jordan's Ezra Kamer Pushes Boundaries of Tech

Web developer Ezra Kamer started designing and managing online adult websites during a very golden time.

Yes, it was 1996, when anything explicit could be easily sold to the curious seekers who were finding the purchase of a cheap PC coupled with a fast connection could offer all kinds of hardcore kink.

We have made it much more difficult to find our unauthorized content on tube sites. People will pay when you have a premium product to offer.

Flash forward to 2017, and Kamer’s still in the game designing and managing web properties after 21 years in the biz.

For the past six years, Kamer’s held the title of chief technology officer and affiliate manager at Jules Jordan Video, which operates the membership site and its studio site

Kamer, loyal to his work as well as his boss, says that Jules Jordan Video simply has the best content out there. And it shows.

Kamer, considered a pioneer in online adult circles, started building and managing sites for Atlas Multimedia’s top porn star clients and companies like Red Light District as the online adult industry expanded in 1996. He later moved on to Wicked Pictures before landing at Jules Jordan Video.

XBIZ recently corresponded with Kamer for this Q&A interview while he was touring Israel.

XBIZ: You’re quite the veteran of the adult entertainment business with more than 20 years seeing the industry grow. Tell us about your journey in adult from the beginning to where you are now.

Kamer: I started in the adult internet space back in 1996 with Atlas Multimedia. I was with them until the early 2000s, and then I moved over to Wicked Pictures until 2010. I have been at Jules Jordan Video since 2010. I have also worked for and managed many different porn stars official sites over the years.

XBIZ: As chief technical officer for Jules Jordan, what are your core duties with the company?

Kamer: I oversee the day-to-day internet options. As a company, we run lean and mean. On the internet side of the business it’s just two of us. We are a very efficient crew.

XBIZ: How has evolved through the years, and what does it take to lure and retain members in the tube site era?

Kamer: We try to stay a head of the game by pushing the boundaries of technology. For us, we don’t have an issue retaining members. Content is king. We have the best content out there. We have made it much more difficult to find our unauthorized content on tube sites. People will pay when you have a premium product to offer.

XBIZ: What have been some of the most valuable lessons you’ve found managing adult websites?

Kamer: Maintaining membership retention and not being so predictable with updates. It’s also very important to establish and maintain a relationship with other studios/membership sites.

XBIZ: What do you think the desktop, mobile and virtual reality landscapes for adult will look like in two to three years?

Kamer: Mobile will dominate the internet space. I do not see a future for VR in the adult business. I think it’s just going to die off like 3D did. I say this for a few important reasons.

You are not able to use VR on any other distribution methods other than VR. You are missing out on revenue from people who don’t have a VR headset, and you are missing out on revenue from other sources such as broadcast, video-on-demand and DVD.

XBIZ: I understand you do work for some of the world’s most well-known bands. Let’s hear what you do for them.

Kamer: Over the years I have done web work for Rob Halford the singer of Judas Priest. I have been doing web work for Vinnie Paul the drummer of Pantera, Damageplan, Rebel Meets Rebel and Hellyeah for the past 15 years.

XBIZ: In your time away from work, what do you like to do?

Kamer: I love to travel. As I am answering your questions now I am in Tel Aviv, Israel. In the summer months Jules and I like to go out to the desert southwest and take photos of the Southwest monsoon and Milky Way.