WIA Profile: Sasha Williams

WIA Profile: Sasha Williams

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Sasha Williams, imaXcash’s business development and sales associate, lives in paradise. Really!

A client must feel appreciated and a trust must be formed through communication, integrity and results from performance. Being available for your clients always strengthens the security … leaving no room for doubt.

Residing in the island nation of Barbados, Williams holds the role of an internet marketer with connections around the world while living in the Caribbean surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. What a life!

But paradise takes a backseat to her involvement with the adult dating affiliate program, where the self-described “island girl” always is seeking to monetize traffic for imaXcash’s offerings in nearly two dozen countries.

XBIZ recently spoke with Williams, this month’s WIA Woman of the Month, to learn more about her position at imaXcash and how she helps the company find new business and support existing affiliates.

XBIZ: Let’s hear about what you do at imaXcash?

Williams: I work in business development, and my role consists of selling our adult dating affiliate program and supporting current affiliates. My goal is to find affiliates with the best converting traffic for our offers that are available in 22 countries. We offer both revshare and PPS. In addition to managing accounts, I ensure my many affiliates are totally satisfied with our products.

XBIZ: What prepared you to work in adult?

Williams: Residing in Barbados, a small island in the Caribbean, job opportunities for an adult platform are basically unheard of. I grew up traveling the world and taught to always have an open mind. I believe this foundation prepares you for any role within the industry.

XBIZ: For those considering imaXcash, what do the programs have to offer?

Williams: imaXcash is a great affiliate program for the adult dating vertical if you are looking to best monetize your traffic sources. The world’s largest websites partner with us.

Our site content and payment processing are all specifically geared towards European and English-speaking consumers giving them more confidence. And since everything is localized in terms of language and geo, this means higher commission payouts for the affiliates.

imaXcash offers newer solutions for tracking traffic, the highest payouts in the industry, amazing conversion rates, real-time conversion of traffic, easy-to-use customizable statistics and payouts every 14 days.

We offer a lifetime revenue share of up to 70 percent, which is the best solution for long-term cooperation because a lot of our users are using a membership with automatic rebills. We also offer a CPA commission. The amount of the commission depends on the country and type of membership.

XBIZ: What are some of the trends you are seeing in the dating business?

Williams: As successful as the dating industry is, more companies are expanding in their product offerings to capitalize on all that is available within the industry. As the times change, people’s needs grow.

At imaXcash we have made changes to accommodate this, which is great for consumers and affiliates. There is no growth without change.

XBIZ: Being a global player, how important is it to always be available?

Williams: It is imperative for a company to offer exceptional customer service at all costs. A client must feel appreciated and a trust must be formed through communication, integrity and results from performance. Being available for your clients always strengthens the security … leaving no room for doubt.

XBIZ: What’s the best part of working in adult and what are the best parts of working biz-dev?

Williams: Besides working with an amazing and supportive team, I enjoy meeting lovely people when I travel to the shows and building meaningful friendships globally. I also enjoy being exposed to different cities, cultures, food and fun in a laid-back work environment.

XBIZ: What’s your business day like when the sun comes up?

Williams: Every day the sales team meets for a few minutes to discuss the campaigns, the progress of opened opportunities, exchange updated information on any of the offers or clients and to review any updates from the technical department. I review statistics daily. If I see sudden changes I contact my clients.

Basically, a typical work day for me is making sure my clients are happy with our offers and have access to the marketing materials needed to convert traffic at its best. I work with new clients and blog on various forums. In addition, I spend time finding new affiliates for our worldwide offers.

XBIZ: So let’s hear about what you do in Barbados when work isn’t on your mind?

Williams: Living in Barbados is a paradise in its own special way, especially with the lovely weather we have all year round. We may not have a lot of exciting activities readily available to us, but we make the best of it. I spend my time by exercising three times a week with a personal trainer. All exercises are outdoors with a great view of our seaport where the luxurious cruise ships dock.

I am a foodie!! I enjoy cooking and baking on weekends, going to the beaches, hiking, spending time with my friends and family and the occasional nightlife.

I enjoy attending our local festivals and taking part in our carnival, along with Trinidad’s carnival.

I am an island girl at heart. Give me the outdoors with sunshine, fun people, music and great food, and as we island people like to say, “it’s a lime!”