Cam Models Dream Big at Studio 20

Cam Models Dream Big at Studio 20

Hey guys! Oh, I hate when I say that, all we cam girls say that, it’s beginning to sound so cliché. Hey! Hello! People from the industry, cam girls, cam boys, hello! I’m Megan Kroft. Megan. Meg… no, not Meg, it makes me think of “Family Guy.” I’ve been a cam girl for about a year and some months so I’m not a newbie, nor do I have so much experience. So, I’ll tell you how an... “intermediate” cam model… sees this industry.

I started camming from home and it was the worst thing ever for me. I wasn’t such a good English speaker and that meant I had to use Google Translate. Being on your own is pretty tough in this industry. I didn’t get a lot of things and by the time I understood that I had to smile more and be more interesting, my room was empty.

What nobody tells you is this: ‘Ask for help!’ I learned that the hard way, after months of trying everything I ever thought could work, but didn’t. I’m lucky I have some of the biggest names in the industry as colleagues — the girls who made #girlsfromstudio20 a tribe everyone wants to be part of. -Megan Kroft @MeganKrofft

So, I decided to work with a cam studio. Sooo much better. They helped me get the business and they are really there when I need them. And when I don’t, they’re like my family.

I’m not a poor Romanian girl with no schooling and no future. I finished high school and I’m a college student at a business college. My parents taught me right, but they also taught me to follow my dreams and what makes me happy. My dream, one year ago, was to make money. I wanted boobs. I swear, this was the reason I became a cam girl: I wanted boobs and I wanted them fast. I didn’t want to get a credit loan for them, nor ask a man to “buy” them for me, nor my family. I wanted to do this on my own.

After literally everyone in the studio asked me not to do it because they said I looked perfect, I went on and did it anyway. They scolded me. They took me home from the hospital and took care of me. They scolded me more, held my head while I was sick. If that doesn’t count as a family I don’t know what does.

So, I got boobs. Things were starting to look up for me, I got a lot of members in my room, I was more confident. I started smiling more.

Next step? A car. I have my dream car in my head and someone once told me to describe it so that I know exactly how it should look. All I can tell you is that it’s beautiful.

So, back to camming.

When I started, I thought that all I had to do was dance and be cute. Then, I thought I had to play a role. That didn’t work either. I tried to “fool” members to stay with me in private or take them to a private show. I looked desperate and that’s something that doesn’t suit a girl.

What nobody tells you is this: “Ask for help!” I learned that the hard way, after months of trying everything I ever thought could work, but didn’t. I’m lucky I have some of the biggest names in the industry as colleagues — the girls who made #girlsfromstudio20 a tribe everyone wants to be part of.

So, I asked them. I was so afraid at the beginning because I saw big cam model stars as girls that were beautiful, but cold, like a never-to-be-touched-statue at a museum. I was star struck. Little did I know that they felt lonely too. They wanted us, newbies to ask them questions, to learn, they wanted to help and so I became their protégé. Day by day I learned and evolved, I found out about new tricks and tips on how to get a great relationship with my members and mostly with myself.

Being a cam girl is no easy job. You have to put on a smile every day. And you have to entertain. There are members that understand you and are your friends — you talk and laugh together. And, there are members who just want a quick release. I get them both.

If I was to tell you something that I’ve learned from this, by now, is that you have to love yourself so much and take it slow (yes, I get the pun… a cam model loving herself, duh). That means you don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself from the start. Things have a way of working out if you put in the time, the effort and responsibility.

Don’t think that if you earn enough money you’ll get to spend it all like crazy. Open a bank account and put some in there. Spend only what you need. We’re all young and tempted, but never go after a member, never meet with him, don’t give him any of your info and don’t let him so close. He, as well as you, is a person behind a screen… you never know what’s real.

Sleep! Oh, I have to learn this lesson better. You need to rest, you need to eat, you need to take care of your body and your mind. This job is exhausting so you need to be on your game everyday.

Don’t be like the rest of them! I never understood this until now. You’re unique. I’ve tried to be like Devious Angel, like Sasha Red, Lexie Ford, Rebecca000. Nothing worked. I had to be Megan Kroft for people to really like me and want to spend time with me.

This industry changed me a lot, but for the better. I learned to be more open and patient. I learned to smile more and give positive vibes back to people. I learned to listen and to make myself heard. I know it sounds weird, but I think every 20-something woman should have this experience. You don’t even realize how much you learn about yourself.

I’ll see you guys in a year, with some new info and intel, driving a new car and signing the papers for a house of my own.

—XOXO, Megan Kroft, proud member of #girlsfromstudio20

Megan Kroft is a cam model and entrepreneur. She can be followed on Twitter @MeganKrofft where she is a proud member of #GirlsFromStudio20.


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