Cam Models: How to Properly Care for Sex Toys (and Yourself!)

Cam Models: How to Properly Care for Sex Toys (and Yourself!)
Juan Bustos

We already know that sex toys are a cam model’s best friend. With a complete repertoire of these pleasurable tools at hand, cam models can satisfy themselves and entertain their audience at the same time. But, as always, everything isn’t rosy. There are several dangers to consider with the use of fun sex gadgets, that all cam girls and the general public should take into account. Let’s examine what these risks are…

First of all, there are a wide variety of sex toys on the market, many of which are specially made out of hypoallergenic materials. That means they’re designed to provide a satisfactory sensation with the contact of the skin and avoid allergic reactions. However, many toys are made of materials that include chemicals or artificial substances that can generate an adverse effect (terrible, huh?). Other dildos are made out of solid materials, like glass, which are dangerously fragile at times, creating a risk of jagged edges and cuts.

Besides keeping sex toys clean and healthy, it is just as important to take care of your own intimate hygiene. -Juan Bustos, Entrepreneur

To avoid needless health complications, be aware of your own personal comfort level when you’re using sex toys, and listen to your body if it is triggering a bad response. Numerous models within our community prefer the “anatomical” option: A dildo made out of gelatinous, but firm materials, since it can provide the most pleasure for them, safely. Regardless of what you use, remember to always take proper care of the toy and yourself after use, for ideal hygiene.

Take the famous Ben Wa balls, a super effective stimulant, for example. They are said to belong to a tradition of more than 3,000 years in ancient China. Faithful lovers of Tantra and Chinese Taoism often identify them as a means of exploring the most hidden details of sexuality in another person. But, if these old wonders are not used correctly, without lubrication or prior stimulation of the area, they can cause anal and vaginal tears or even manage to get stuck inside. So, before you use any product, always remember to research the correct ways of using them.

Even lubricating substances have the potential for misuse, causing damage to your skin. That’s why water-based lubricants are a better choice, since emulsions with oils and chemical fragrances represent a risk for infections, allergies and other medical problems. If you’re uncertain, seek out recommendations from the dermatologist and ensure your live cam sessions are performed in a comfortable environment free of hazards.

Besides keeping sex toys clean and healthy, it is just as important to take care of your own intimate hygiene. That “V zone” is a delicate flower that needs the best care, given its vulnerability to infections, viruses, bacteria and other maladies of the female anatomy. So, be sure to schedule a routine medical check-up every 45 days. At, we consider it our duty as a training center for some of the best and most beautiful webcam models of our country (and other parts of the world), to keep everyone healthy — especially since our goal is to make Latin America a global power in the professional webcamming universe.

It is an indispensable requirement for webcam models to take utmost care of their sex toys, as well as their own physical and emotional health. Becoming a successful cam model is not easy, requiring complete commitment, self-discipline and ceaseless effort to reach the top of the ladder. Even the most devoted cam model will fall by the wayside if they do not keep their bodies in tip-top shape. So, eat well, stay fit and always educate yourself about the latest pleasure products news and best practices.

Juan Bustos, who helped lead the Colombian cam industry into the thriving business it is today, began advising models 10 years ago. Along the way, Bustos established the blog and community, where models can share wisdom. Bustos is also co-founder of the Latin American Business Expo, or LALExpo, and the Juan Bustos Webcam University.

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