Camming Games, Contests Keep Customers Engaged

Camming Games, Contests Keep Customers Engaged
Steve Hamilton

Last issue, I talked about the importance of changing up the ambience in a cam model room via new décor and small visual tweaks, to keep viewers engaged long-term. This time, I’d like to discuss the benefits of playing games with members. I don’t mean toying with them, mind you. I’m talking about having small, daily games that entertain them and bring you closer to achieving your goals for tips. You can get extremely creative with dry erase boards, spinners and balloons!

The best-themed show we’ve had on was when one of our Model of the Month winners did a show on Cinco de Mayo with red, white and green balloons — inside each balloon was an act that she would perform. Each color had a different price, and the higher the price, the more sexy her actions were. This was outside the box thinking and she did really well.

Contests have been proven to be very successful in not only stirring up more interest, but also keeping the room fun for yourself and the members. -Steve Hamilton,

Dry erase boards are also awesome, because you have literally no limits to what you can do with them. Plus, members love seeing their names on-screen. Having a “Today’s Top Fans” board, for example, is pretty powerful. There are so many other ways to make use of this simple tool, that your imagination can truly run wild. Tic-tac-camel-toe, well-hung hangman, a raunchy round of Pictionary … enjoy the possibilities!

Another great story comes from one of our top models, who bought a spinning wheel that’s magnetic and a dry erase board on Amazon for less than $100. She uses them three times a week and her earnings are definitely the highest on the days she uses the wheel.

These are just three simple foundational ideas on playing games with your members. Another great tactic is turning Amazon wish lists into a competition. Challenge your viewers to find sexy clothes that are sports-themed, movie-themed, or whatever category they consider hot. Then, the highest tipper of the month gets to choose the attire you’ll wear on camera for a week. Have members purchase the clothing for you from your Amazon wish list and they gladly will!

Once you have a contest going on, you can decorate your room accordingly and also use your social media to get the word out there. Contests have been proven to be very successful in not only stirring up more interest, but also keeping the room fun for yourself and the members.

I look forward to seeing more creative games and contests online, as well as y’all having more fun with your members! Until next time!

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