Camming Builds Self-Esteem, Economic Independence

Camming Builds Self-Esteem, Economic Independence
Juan Bustos

Self-esteem is all about appreciating your best attributes and having the courage to improve the rest. Knowing what factors can impact your confidence is crucial to having a healthy life, especially for girls who dare to become webcam models. After all, society often stigmatizes non-mainstream work like camming, due to ignorance and cultural taboos, so it takes a high degree of self-discipline and self-respect to thrive.

Considering the high-pressure performance required to pull off a cam show successfully, not to mention attracting long-term fans, never let shame keep you down. Inexperienced viewers often don’t realize that models have a diverse range of personal interests, spending their off-camera hours studying, pursuing mainstream careers or taking care of loved ones. Whether camming full-time or part-time, keep your roots strong in both the online and offline worlds, with unflinching passion.

Once you’ve established your workflow in camming, the economic independence and genuine sense of feeling sexy will give you even more self-esteem than the average mainstream worker. -Juan Bustos,, LALExpo

One area where camming ingénues and veterans alike may find self-respect challenging, is confronting family and friends about their work. What will they say about it? How do you explain it? Be prepared for the possibility of painful reactions, rejection or even loss of intimacy. But, be equally prepared for supportive responses. A firm, yet calm attitude can help sway even the most judgmental loved ones.

Ultimately, the only true defense against outward judgment is inner self-esteem. Know that you are an incredible entertainer, bringing immense joy and pleasure to the dark and lonely corners of the world, as well as brightening up plenty of already-happy people who are just looking to vibe with an awesome online buddy. It’s also totally fine to keep your camming a secret — you don’t owe anyone the answers.

Once you’ve established your workflow in camming, the economic independence and genuine sense of feeling sexy will give you even more self-esteem than the average mainstream worker. Being so sexually open is immensely empowering, enjoying your body to the fullest and inspiring others to do so as well. You’ll even improve other people’s self-esteem! A common theme among veteran models is how much healthier they become inside and out, due to camming.

When they chat with their followers, they receive praise not only for their physical attributes but also for their personality, because to become a model it is not necessary to reflect the stereotypes of a “perfect body” imposed by society. Meanwhile, you’re taking control of both your public and private life, juggling finances better, setting your own schedule and generating enough income to improve quality of life.

That’s why fierce motivation is required to be a successful webcam model — you’re managing your own small business, building fans and followers with creative focus, strengthening your body with self-discipline and achieving financial goals that can help you paying for studies, graduate, buy a car, travel and meet people all over the globe. Who knew camming could forge such tremendous self-esteem?

Juan Bustos, who helped lead the Colombian cam industry into the thriving business it is today, began advising models 10 years ago. Along the way, Bustos established the blog and community, where models can share wisdom. Bustos is also co-founder of the Latin American Business Expo, or LALExpo, and the Juan Bustos Webcam University.


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