A Good Grind Reaps Riches

A Good Grind Reaps Riches
Natalie Star

For years, webcam modeling was taboo and considered by many as a dirty and raunchy activity. However, in today’s economy, webcam jobs are being accepted more and more by everyone across the globe. Whether you are a single mom, unemployed, a student or just someone looking to get ahead, webcam modeling could easily be the answer to all of your financial problems — but only if you treat it like a proper job.

Camming offers a very convenient way to set your own schedule and be your own boss. However, one of the biggest misconceptions about working for webcam companies is that it will bring easy money.

Webcam modeling is about building virtual relationships and taking the time to really get to know the customers.

I wish I could tell you it’s as simple as logging in an hour here and there, for a quick buck. The truth, however, is anything but. That’s because webcam modeling is as much a job as any other — you get out of it whatever you put into it.

Regardless of what you look like or how personal, fun and flirty you are, if you are rarely on cam, then no one will ever take the time to really get to know you. This means no one will spend very much money on you for anything more than a quick show now and then.

Webcam modeling is about building virtual relationships and taking the time to really get to know the customers, especially as social media becomes increasingly popular, creating a fierce need to feel connected. And to stoke these online desires fully, webcamming should be approached with the same mindset as owning a corner store — if you are only occasionally open for business, then how will anyone know what your store has to offer?

As far as customers, there are many willing to pay to get to know you (this goes for both male and female webcam models). They often seek friendly banter and a more personal connection. Then, there are just as many customers who are just paying to see you nude or performing some type of roleplaying scenario. Whatever experience you end up offering, it all boils down to doing what you’re comfortable with. A webcam job never requires you to do anything you’re against. However, the more you are willing to do on cam, when getting to know your customers, the more you will make.

At the end of the day, the best webcam models are the ones fully comfortable being themselves. It’s not about acting a certain way, especially when you’re applying for a webcam modeling job at an established company.

Be yourself, because many services offer training and 24/7 model support to help you succeed and become the best model that you can be. For example, my company Major League Cams assigns a representative to walk cam models through every step of their career.

There is no right or wrong way to cam, but if you treat it like a job and find the right company that fits your needs, you are certain to thrive.

Natalie Star became one of the first Fleshlight CamStar models in 2015. Star runs Major League Cams (MLC), a webcam head-hunting company. MLC is responsible for recruiting and mentoring some of the biggest names on the Flirt4Free network. For more information, visit her official website, or follow her on Twitter at @NatalieStarLive.


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