Virtual Reality Doubles the Immersion

Virtual Reality Doubles the Immersion

In recent years, technological developments have exceeded the expectations of digital media lovers’ wildest dreams. Hundreds of thousands of new creations have hit the market, making the world a more exciting place than ever before. One of the most innovative advances is undoubtedly virtual reality, which first began in the military and has since expanded into the arena of mainstream entertainment. Of course, the adult industry leads the vanguard in creating truly unique VR experiences, not only for video production, but also for fully immersive camming.

Creative genius Ivan Sutherland first laid the foundations of what would eventually become VR back in 1944. Despite his visionary imagination, I very much doubt he could have foreseen just how far his curious “stereoscope” device was destined to go, manifesting real-life starlets in the virtual bedrooms of eager viewers.

Given the inherently immersive nature of VR, with 180- or 360-degree views, the market will truly flourish when combined with interactive camming.

The stereoscope created a three-dimensional effect by taking two images of the same object shot from left-eye and right-eye angles, to simulate the way we actually see things. The basic premise of this device is still preserved by current virtual reality hardware in the market, though it has made numerous quantum leaps over the years.

To get a taste of the action, one need only take a look at what companies like VR Bangers and Naughty America are doing at the cutting-edge of VR, providing users with a fantastic way to enjoy their favorite adult stars and brands. Given the inherently immersive nature of VR, with 180-degree or 360-degree views, the sector will truly flourish when combined with interactive camming.

In fact, VR webcam headsets from the likes of Terpon are already opening up unbelievable possibilities. Then, when you factor in partnerships like BaDoink teaming up with PornHub to offer registered users access to VR, as well as the fast growing cam modeling business opportunities in South America, the sky’s the limit.

Having an experience with a favorite adult star in the form of a digital avatar is something that leads users to want a more realistic experience, and what better way to take things to the next level than with camming? With a reported 60 million visits to PornHub since the implementation of VR on its website, other brands and segments of the biz could likewise make tremendous gains in traffic. The crew at JuanBustos.com will certainly continue to follow this subject closely, monitoring the latest and greatest changes, to keep this adventurous cam community informed and ready to strike gold.

Juan Bustos, who helped lead the cam industry in Colombia into what it has become today, began advising models 10 years ago. Bustos, along the way, established the JuanBustos.com blog for cam models to share his knowledge of the industry. Bustos also is co-founder of the Latin America Business Expo, or LALExpo, and the JuanBustos University.