Cam Star of Month BlazeFyre Loves to Be a Pleaser

Cam Star of Month BlazeFyre Loves to Be a Pleaser

Webcam model BlazeFyre certainly is looking forward to a fruitful 2017.

She just moved into new digs this past month, and is eagerly anticipating another banner year as a Chaturbate web model.

Four or more hours can go by pretty quickly when it's fun, but you'll feel it when it's over. Expect carpet burn, sore knees, achy muscles and a fried brain. Rinse and repeat.

The naturally blonde, green-eyed model, who describes herself as half German and half Irish, is petite and lean at 5’5” and lives in Northern California.

On Chaturbate, BlazeFyre is a top draw, particularly because of her unabashed nature. Whether it’s an ass flash or pussy flash, she does it with sheer class.

Many minds were captivated by BlazeFyre this year. She earned a nom as Live Cam Model of the Year at the 2017 XBIZ Awards and boosted her social media following to the stratosphere (she has 111,000 Twitter followers).

XBIZ recently checked in with BlazeFyre to find out about her life in front of the cam and life after the cam turns off.

XBIZ: How did you get started camming and how long have you been doing it?

BlazeFyre: I used to visit chat rooms for fun and accidentally found one where you could share your webcam. There was an older woman named “Bunny” who had been camming for several years, and she told me that you could actually make money if you had an open mind. I've been camming for five years, since 2012.

XBIZ: What are your unique model selling points and what do your fans typically desire?

BlazeFyre: My fans tell me that their favorite thing about me is how interactive I am. I talk to everyone whether they are tipping or not. Being yourself is so important. The most requested “show” in my room is a fashion show. I am known to collect tons of lingerie and they love to watch me dress up.

XBIZ: How often can viewers see you?

BlazeFyre: When I first started camming, I would cam daily and twice a day. Life has often been unpredictable, and I've taken some long breaks to figure out where it's heading. I have greater plans for 2017 though!

XBIZ: What's your favorite thing about camming?

BlazeFyre: My favorite thing about camming is making people happy. I've always been a people pleaser. The greatest compliment, to me, is to be told you made a difference in someone else's day. I think it can be confusing to others who view camming as just porn. It's not just porn to so many people though. A lot of my fans show up to purely enjoy my company.

XBIZ: How about your biggest fans ... who are they?

BlazeFyre: There are several who argue over who is the biggest! I won't name any names, but I will say that they have been a huge support to me both online and offline. The generosity, both monetarily and emotionally, can never be thanked for enough. I am lucky to have a huge following of die-hard fans that have been with me through nearly all five years of this journey.

XBIZ: Do you cam while you're in a bad mood?

BlazeFyre: That just depends on the day. There are some days where it's impossible to put on a smile no matter how hard you try. I've pushed through it and I think there's a noticeable difference. You snap so much easier. However, there are bad days when I get online to have the distraction and support from my viewers. They don't realize that you enjoy their company as much as they enjoy yours. Some of them are absolutely hilarious.

XBIZ: What's a typical camming day like?

BlazeFyre: I think you start preparing for camming from the moment you wake up. It's much different from my “normal” day. Immediately let everyone know that you plan to be online later and give updates throughout the day. Shower, shave, moisturize and manage your social media. You want to look your best and put effort into your hair and makeup.

Plan ahead and get food before you start. Choose an outfit and then move onto the technical setup. If you move around your house a lot for shows, you definitely spend some time setting up lighting and equipment.

The easy part for me is once I hit “broadcast.” Four or more hours can go by pretty quickly when it's fun, but you'll feel it when it's over.

Expect carpet burn, sore knees, achy muscles and a fried brain. Rinse and repeat.

XBIZ: What advice would you give to models who want to make a career in camming?

BlazeFyre: Camming is a wonderful way to be independent and successful when done correctly. However, too many models get into it by accident just like myself. Some are even pressured by their boyfriends or girlfriends.

I wish I could warn them of all the risks before it's too late.

No matter how many states or countries you block, someone will record you and people you care about will find out. If this is something that could ruin your relationship with people you love, you need to really think about it.

You have got to have the absolute toughest skin in this industry. Everyone is looking to take advantage of you and break you down. There's blackmail, stalking, harassment and worse. It's not easy money and there's a ton of competition.

If after everything you still decide it's a good choice, then you better stand together with all sex workers and fight for our rights.

When you have a voice, you use it. We shouldn't have to prove that we're worthy of respect and equality, but we do!

We need tough and positive role models.


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