Broadcasting Positivity Goes a Long Way

Broadcasting Positivity Goes a Long Way

I’m a cam model, and I’ve been camming for about seven years now.

At first I started from home, then became aware of the advantages of working with a studio.

Cam models are not porn stars (well, not all). I know you have a wild fantasy to see me stick five dildos in me but that’s not going to happen.

I chose to work with Studio 20.

I’m a nice girl, both in free chat and in private. I’ll laugh with you, drink, talk nonsense and, most of all, I’ll be your friend.

I end up being a psychologist for most of my members, and I love that. I love it when they say, “Rebecca, I trust you.” And I feel that from them.

I have a member, my oldest one, who has been with me since I started this. You might say that we grew up together; it’s like having a seven-year-old kid. That’s how I see our friendship.

And, besides him, I have loads of friends who started out as my members, and now we have a blast in private chat or in free. We’re like a squad — Rebecca000’s squad.

Every member is different and every guest has his fetishes.

Some of them just want to see you get naked, others want to talk, some like to tell you their fantasies and others just want to live in their own fantasy … and you’ll be the master of it.

When entering a cam model’s room, you, as a guest, or member have to know a few basic rules:

1. We are not there for your entertainment (we are not some sex dolls that you can just play with). We are humans and have lots to say and to talk about. You going “Get naked, make yourself cum” is not going to make me cum.

2. We deserve the same respect as we treat you with (unless we’re doing a role play) — that means no foul mouth, no cussing, no talking s**t. Be nice!

3. Yes, we can say “no.” Don’t think that if we’re nice and look willing you can tell us to do anything and we’ll do it. We have limits and, usually, those limits are written in our bio.

4. Take your time — unless you’re a horny teenager who hasn’t seen a woman ever or didn’t have access to the internet. Take the time to know the woman/man that you’re talking to. Ask questions. Look interested. You can do this in free chat.

5. Cam models are not porn stars (well, not all). I know you have a wild fantasy to see me stick five dildos in me but that’s not going to happen. Neither am I going to moan like a shot deer if I am not feeling it. It’s going to seem that it’s fake. You don’t want fake cam action, believe me!

When I first started, I had a problem with trolls. These people are everywhere — in our cam world, in the social media, in real life. They are people that just like to be mean.

Imagine a superhero book. The trolls are the bad guys, the villains. Their sole purpose is to make you change your attitude, make you upset and feel bad.

I didn’t know how to act when they came into my room. There were days when I closed the session because I started crying.

Being in front of the cam and being a webcam model doesn’t mean you are above me. It doesn’t mean you can be nasty, it doesn’t make you special.

In time and with the help of my team I learned how to deal with this: either I don’t give them any attention and ban them or I just make fun of them. In no way will I let them ruin my day!

How do you keep a positive attitude when you’re dealing with a troll?

Just put on some happy music — some goth music if you like that — and just talk to your guests and members and don’t mind them. This might sound hard at first, but you’ll see that in time, you’ll get the hang of it.

Good luck to you all new and experienced models!


Rebecca000, who works with Studio 20, describes herself as a cam model, actress and “happiness provider. ”


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