Injecting Personality Into Your Room

Injecting Personality Into Your Room

Since the last issue of Cam World, I’ve made some significant life changes. I’m working from Colombia now.

This was a decision that was not entered into lightly, but change gives you a chance to look at things from a different perspective, which only makes you stronger.

I’ve told models that if they want to make more money, making a connection with members is the name of the game.

This month I want to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart at the moment — your room.

This may be because I’m decorating a new apartment, but the lessons are all the same.

There is one universal truth in camming: we’re all here to sell the members a fantasy. Every member is unique — as are their fantasies — but there are a few tricks you can use to help sell that fantasy.

Your room is one of the things that helps you be the model a member chooses when they log on.

First, decorate your room in a way that is consistent with your online persona. If you’re the college girl-next-door, having a sophisticated, upscale room is not consistent with that.

If you’re selling the idea that you are a MILF doing something naughty while your husband is at work, having teddy bears everywhere gives off the wrong image and will likely attract the wrong kind of customers.

Studio owner and camming entrepreneur Juan Bustos, for example, encourages models to inject their own personality into their rooms.

You can’t go wrong with that because one of the worst things you can do is make it obvious that you’re working from a designated work space. That kills the fantasy, and thus kills your chance at revenue.

I’ve told models many times that if they want to make more money, making a connection with members is the name of the game. Members who feel that deeper connection with you are the ones that will come back again and again.

There are two other very important parts to discuss as well. One is to keep your room as tidy as you can while you are online. It’s way too easy to have a cluttered looking room and that is not a good look. The other often-overlooked part of camming is your lighting.

Lighting sets the mood for your room and shows you off the best as well. Y our camera also won’t have to work as hard to auto-adjust the settings, which will result in a clearer image. There are many inexpensive lighting options on eBay and Amazon, so it’s an issue that is easy to fix.

Your room is a huge part of your image online, part of your brand if you will. Change it up, but stick to your core ideals.

Make sure to give it the same attention that you give your makeup and your choice of outfits.

Steve Hamilton is the model manager for


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