Q&A With Studio 20’s Andra Chirnogeanu

Q&A With Studio 20’s Andra Chirnogeanu

One of the blue-ribbon studios in the cam biz is Studio 20, which is now a global brand, with locations on both sides of the Atlantic — from Romania to Hollywood, Calif.

Of course, with every strong brand, companies of all types rely on solid vision along with determination and dedication to help build their enterprises.

I believe social media is important for any business targeting consumers and even B2B sometimes. We’ve grown so much and technology has become a part of us, you can’t go a day without checking your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed.

Studio 20’s public relations manager, Andra Chirnogeanu, exemplifies those traits, and she is one of the cogs that allow this cam company to rise to the top.

XBIZ recently spoke with Chirnogeanu about her role at Studio 20, and what makes the company so unique, in this interview.

XBIZ: What exactly do you do at Studio 20?

Chirnogeanu: I am the public relations manager of Studio 20 Global Network. The title sounds so pompous, but my real job is taking care of the models and Studio 20’s image.

I write everything you ever read about us and also do most of the creative art from banners to content stories and videos. So, this would be the artistic part of my job.

I started with Studio 20 about two years ago as a social media specialist. I had to deal with 10 model accounts and do all the social content for them. I know it sounds easy, but it’s really hard. You run out of ideas after a while! Since then, I hired more marketers to help, and now I have a great marketing team that’s working with me. Today, I manage a team of 12 people.

I can’t stress enough the importance of social media in the cam industry. Studio 20 has been one of the first to acknowledge this, and since we’ve started doing it, a lot of cam studios have begun to see the potential of organic traffic and how traffic from social media can be transferred to the model cam sites and personal websites. If you are genuine, of course.

XBIZ: What are the things that make Studio 20 so special?

Chirnogeanu: I think Studio 20 is special because of the people that work here. From the dedicated trainers and models to the managers and marketing team, we all work together and always try to do more, to learn more.

We’re the first to introduce “glamour models” to this industry and we’ve set the bar high for the business. And we raise it each year.

Studio 20 has always believed in progress and being one step ahead. We’ve got great procedures, experienced staff, glamour models. I can’t tell you exactly what makes us special, I’ve learned that special things don’t need a reason.

But everyone’s invited to any of our Studio 20’s franchises to see for themselves how we work and what makes us great.

XBIZ: Your motto is “we succeed together.” What does that really mean?

Chirnogeanu: Our Romanian motto was something that in English should have been translated to “We excel together” as our purpose is to excel, to be the best or at least try to. But it has lost part of its meaning in translation so we’ve chosen “we succeed together” because that’s our goal: to succeed in a perfect partnership between models, support staff, marketers, live cam sites, affiliates and so on.

XBIZ: Why is social media so vital for the cam business?

Chirnogeanu: I believe social media is important for any business targeting consumers and even B2B sometimes. We’ve grown so much and technology has become a part of us, you can’t go a day without checking your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feed.

A few years ago people went on dating sites to search for their soul-mates, now all they need to do is swipe left or right and hope the person that’s holding the phone at the other end does the same hand gesture as they did.

So it’s just common sense that the cam industry would get a little piece of the traffic from the social media platforms. And it’s still a virgin territory. It’s an easy way to promote the models and get traffic for them.

Everyone that sees a beautiful girl/guy when scrolling around their feed would love to have the chance to talk to them.

So when they see the models, they just have to click on the link.

Besides the extra traffic and branding, social media always is a great way for the models to keep in touch with their fans outside their room, posting selfies and homemade videos, asking for their help for different awards, etc.

XBIZ: What do you do to help inspire models to achieve goals?

Chirnogeanu: The first thing we do is help them set goals. There are a lot of young girls and boys that see this job as an easy-money job that doesn’t require any knowledge of anything. So their only goal is to make money easy and fast.

We train them, we talk to them, we offer them our ears and a safe place where they can do their job without being judged — a place where they feel at home, 24/7 support and that doesn’t just mean when the models are online.

We take care of them and always, always remember their birthdays.

We try to grow champions out of them. As with the champion-building process, there is a lot of sweat and not everybody will succeed.

But one thing is sure: Studio 20 is the best choice if you want to be the champion.


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