Cam Model of Month Jenny Blighe Is Red-Hot

Cam Model of Month Jenny Blighe Is Red-Hot

Have you found out about MyFreeCams sensation Jenny Blighe, the fiery Arkansas redhead? For the past four years, Blighe’s been camming on an almost-daily basis on MyFreeCams, building a loyal fan base by tweeting to her fans when she goes online or when she does exclusive Snapchat shows.

Her following is loyal, and her Twitter base is a healthy one — with some 72,000 followers. And, it’s no wonder: she’s gorgeous, classy and delivers an erotically pleasing time.

My favorite thing about camming is that I am able to choose when I work, how long I work and how I do it.

Some of her admirers — many of them have seen her across the U.S. when she has traveled — have called her “the hottest and most beautiful redhead on the internet.”

But Blighe’s not just a cam girl. She’s shot for acclaimed adult photographer Holly Randall and has appeared on She also has her own website,

XBIZ caught up with Blighe last month for this exclusive Q&A interview to find out about how she got into the cam biz and what she’s like online.

XBIZ: How did you get started camming?

Blighe: This is an interesting story. I was going to school full-time (early childhood education major) and working at the daycare school my kids attended back in early 2012. I was hardly making any money and then one day, my car got repossessed. Yay me!

As you can imagine, I was pretty frantic, considering I still had to pick my kids up from school later that day. An old friend of mine was at my house when my car was repo’d and just kind of vaguely said, “You know there’s this site called MyFreeCams.”

He went on to tell me about how girls basically broadcast live via web-cam from their homes and get tipped tokens to do “things.”

I was curious, so I logged onto the site one day and watched for about five minutes. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and that I had never known about it before. These girls were having so much fun and making money doing it!

It wasn’t all just tips for tits and ass (although it is a lot of that, too). Some girls would get tipped to do an impression of Owen Wilson, do silly dances, play games, or even put on a banana costume. It was amazing. The members were friends, they knew each other, they interacted, they had fun!

About three days later, I set up my own model account and had my first broadcast maybe a week after everything was finalized. At the time, I was completely blind to the idea that this decision would change my life forever … and it definitely did!

XBIZ: How often can viewers see you on MyFreeCams?

Blighe: Viewers can see me broadcast on MyFreeCams pretty much on any given night. I’m trying right now to reserve Monday nights for “film" nights off cam (for custom orders and new vids to release), but I still cam on those nights as well occasionally. I typically cam at night time anywhere from 9 p.m.-4 a.m. (CST). I’m in Arkansas. I also tweet from my Twitter account, @JennyBlighe, ahead of time, so my fans know I’ll be online.

XBIZ: What are your unique model selling points and what do your fans typically desire?

Blighe: I think one of my unique model selling points is my long, red hair! It’s very exotic and I hate to say it, but most people seem to think of redheads as repulsive or ugly’ I think I surprise people when they see me because I am a redhead who’s attractive, and I honestly think that’s why so many people think I’m not a natural redhead. I am though! I have had red hair since the day I was born, but in the last three years I have started to change the shade of red just for a fun change! I’d never go any other color. And for the record, I think there are so many beautiful redheaded men and women! My statements are based off of tweets and comments in my chat!

My fans have endless desires. One guy likes to take me private on MFC, and I pretend he is a tiny man who is stuck outside my house in the snow. He likes for me to invite him in and light a cigarette. Upon seeing me smoking, he says, “Wow, you look so good with a cig!” I respond, “Oh! You must have a smoking fetish!” (with an evil grin) and have him strip naked and jump onto my cig, promising to keep him warm. I tie him on my cigarette with an imaginary string. I basically smoke it down to nothing pretending as I go like I’m going to let him off before the flame gets too close, but I never do. He goes out in a blaze of glory! He loves it!

XBIZ: Do you work while you’re in a bad mood?

Blighe: Depends on how bad of a mood I’m in, I guess. But I can definitely say I have worked while in a bad mood. My fans get to hear all about why I’m in a bad mood while I’m on cam, too.

Most pretty much find it amusing, so it’s not so much a bad thing really. I’m a fiery redhead, and luckily for me, they accept that. Some find my temper amusing, some hot, some insane … either way it’s entertaining, right?

XBIZ: What’s your favorite thing about camming?

Blighe: My favorite thing about camming is that I am able to choose when I work, how long I work and how I do it. I make the rules (aside from general MFC-site guidelines, which we agree to as models when we join).

I am my own boss. I decide what token amount it takes to get naked or do a “cum show.” No one tells me how to run my show. I’m not required to make a certain amount of money to be paid every pay period. My job allows me to be free. Who doesn’t want that in their job?

Other than that, I would have to say the friendships I have made online. I never would have met these people if I hadn’t become a model on MyFreeCams. I really enjoy and look forward to the interaction with them when I’m broadcasting. I have made many lifelong friends throughout my camming career and for me that’s huge.

When I started working in the industry, I felt — and was — ostracized in my hometown. My once huge group of friends has shrunken down to one. The friends I have made on MyFreeCams mean more to me than I think they even realize, but I hope they do. I guess you could say I have a lot of favorite things about camming!