Cam World: Working in Colombia

Cam World: Working in Colombia

Colombia is going through a time of transformation, and the adult entertainment industry here is following dramatic change.

At least 60 percent of its population has internet access and the number continues to increase. This has helped to expand reach of sexual content and to benefit the cam modeling industry.

The large studios are making great strides to improve facilities and there are big efforts to maintain a dialogue in Colombia’s cam community.

In addition, the country’s policies have accepted cam operations, as long as there are no minors involved.

Until a few years ago, cam modeling was done with a whisper. But over the years that has all changed.

There are now thousands of Colombian webcam models who broadcast on various platforms and in private and public shows.

The beauty of the country’s women transcends borders, and their appeal is witnessed 24 hours a day — not only on cam sites but also on social networks.

Perhaps the greatest difficulty that a cam girl faces is criticism and rejection from some parts of Colombian society — especially from family and friends.

Reaction stems largely from religious attitudes, as well as a machismo spirit that often prevails when women are allowed economic freedom with a job.

The exponential growth of Protestant and Pentecostal churches, which already reach 35 percent of the population, is another dynamic that comes into play. These communities tend to be much more dogmatic and radical in the face of issues associated with sexuality.

Despite all of this, cam modeling is gaining more visibility in Colombia and awareness has begun about the benefits it brings to models and the local economy.

Some important national media outlets are showing attention to the industry and reporting on the success stories that come with modeling. The interest in the Colombian cam industry has even reached the international level.

Documentaries have been filmed showing off the intimate nature of the models, their personal stories and the current state of cam modeling in our country.

Large studios also are making great strides to improve facilities and there are big efforts being made to maintain a dialogue within Colombia’s cam community.

The dialogue, which has led to alliances with other major companies in the adult entertainment industry, has led to the creation of unique international events for Latin America, which has further strengthened the bonds of friendship between all involved, models and fans.

Colombia today has some of the top cam models in the world. They typically incorporate artistic and intellectual abilities in their shows.

Whenever we find a great Colombian cam model, it is typically one who has strong sensuality, a great personality and the desire to please their best visitors.

The current perspective for cam modeling in Colombia is promising, and fundamental changes are taking place to free the country from armed conflict, which is expected to increase foreign investment and improve many physical structures.

Colombia is a place that has everything, especially the talent and beauty of its women.

Juan Bustos, who helped lead the cam industry in Colombia into what it has become today, began advising models 10 years ago. Bustos, along the way, established the JuanBustos.com blog for cam models to share his knowledge of the industry. Bustos also is co-founder of the Latin America Business Expo, or LALExpo, and the JuanBustos University.


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