Using Social Media for Better Cam Connections

Using Social Media for Better Cam Connections

In the last 10 years in the industry, I’ve learned quite a few tips and tricks that can help models be more efficient.

For this first issue of Cam World, I want to discuss how to utilize social media to make better connections with your members.

To be successful, we all have to stay in front of the trends, and right now embracing social media is the way for models to get traffic.

I think we all understand the reach of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and VK, among other platforms, have become so engrained into our lives that it’s difficult to think of our lives without them. It allows us to share our thoughts, good days and bad days, media, links and, of course, cat videos.

Being successful as a webcam model and webcam company require you to be comfortable with things that you may not be comfortable with. I’m just going to say the nasty phrase — constant change. There, I said it and nobody got hurt.

To be successful, we all have to stay in front of the trends, and right now embracing social media is the way for models to get traffic that is already interested in the model. That traffic is far more likely to convert to sales than traffic that finds the model on the site.

With all of the options, I have specific suggestions on how to gain the best results from your social media efforts. The two platforms I recommend using are Twitter and Instagram.

I can hear you clearly letting me know that Instagram doesn’t allow nudity.

Yes ... however, you can take clothed tease photos there and use them to promote your model page and even link potential members to Twitter, which does allow nudity. It’s best to use these together.

What you’re trying to do here isn’t to inundate potential members with a bunch of sexy photos, though that is a part of it. What you’re trying to do here is have a real social media page for your online persona.

You have your personal social media pages, and this is a chance for you to let the members into the life of your online persona. After all, members can get women for free on the tube sites.

They visit your page to have a connection with an attractive person on line.

I’m willing to bet that your best members talk to you about more than just sex. You get to know them, and they get to know you too. It’s almost an unspoken agreement that the odds are against you meeting them. What they get from you is a fantasy. Everyone’s fantasy is different, and the most successful models are the ones that can fulfill the fantasies of most members.

Social media gives you a chance to let members into the life of your online persona, so when you’re taking selfies to post to your personal pages, take a few for your online page.

Taking selfies trying on clothes is hugely successful. I also understand that there are many models that don’t want their faces shown for safety reasons, and for these models, there is a way to do this.

Take selfies and mirror pics with your face not showing. If you need some inspiration on how to do this, there is a wealth of untapped inspiration on Reddit Gone Wild at

These are all amateur guys and girls that love to show off and not have their identity put on the internet. This should give you many ideas on how to entice guys to visit you and save your anonymity. If you’re really sly, you can post there too and let everyone that messages you know where they can interact with you.

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