WIA Profile: Nancy Moore

WIA Profile: Nancy Moore

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Nancy Moore says she is results-driven, and admits that is the preferable way to go.

I am a girl driven by results, and this is what I do best. So, when I see an affiliate doing well with the tools that are given, I am content.

After all, CherryPimps’ sales director has a lot of product to push and, with it, a lot of ideas to generate more business.

CherryPimps currently produces sometimes more than 150 scenes a month, and the company has 15 new sites on deck for launch in the next six months.

Moore, as sales director, is in the thick of things, trying to make sure revshare partners have the right tools to promote CherryPimps signature live shows and massive content library.

XBIZ recently sat down and spoke with Moore, December’s WIA Woman of the Month, to learn more about her role at CherryPimps and her entry into the online adult biz.

XBIZ: What’s your role at CherryPimps? And how did you get into the online adult biz?

Moore: I am the sales director at CherryPimps, where I take care of affiliates. My job consists of making sure everybody has the right tools to promote CherryPimps.

I started back in 2003, as I previously was with a mainstream company that specialized in website optimization. But back in the day, people were skeptical about the future of the internet, so business was hard. I soon realized that the adult industry was the place for me when I was hired by Karl Bernard from Gamma Entertainment.

XBIZ: Tell me about how CherryPimps got started and where it stands today.

Moore: CherryPimps started back in 2006 when [Jack] Avalanche saw a need for fresh exclusive unsaturated content. He operated it as a boutique program and worked with his affiliates one on one. They brought me on in 2016 to continue that philosophy.

We may produce a lot and have grown, but we pride ourselves on our boutique and personal approach.

XBIZ: With the daily WildOnCam shows and nearly three dozen websites, CherryPimps customers must be very pleased. Who is the typical CherryPimps customer?

Moore: Our average customer is happy to voice their opinion expecting to be heard. It’s often surprising to our new customers when Avalanche replies to their support emails, but he’s crazy passionate about making them happy.

XBIZ: Tell me about CherryPimps' affiliate business and the opportunities it represents?

Moore: We offer exclusive content that is unsaturated and freshly produced. We are currently producing anywhere from 100-150 or more scenes a month and are increasing that pace, as we have more than 15 new sites set for launch over the next six months.

Plus, our live shows and level of updates allow for a massive content library to keep our members happy and retaining.

XBIZ: What’s the best part of your job?

Moore: I love to analyze the way affiliates promote CherryPimps and come up with new ideas to maximize their performance. I am a girl driven by results, and this is what I do best. So, when I see an affiliate doing well with the tools that are given, I am content.

XBIZ: What’s a typical workday like?

Moore: My office is located on the East Coast and the main office is in L.A. I like to start my day early so I can reach out to my European webmasters.

I answer my emails, Skype and ICQ messages, as well as prepare my day for the people I want to reach out too. Avalanche and Kellie our webmaster come online a bit later, and we often get on Skype to brainstorm and finalize things together.

XBIZ: In your spare time, what do you like to do?

Moore: Whatever I like to do on my spare time involves being outside in the summertime. A walk in the forest behind my house, a relaxing jacuzzi, boat rides, BBQ dinners on the terrace and working in the garden.

Wintertime is rough for me in Canada, as I don’t like the cold. I like to cook and have friends over on the weekends.

I still do my walk in the forest and ice skate when the weather is not minus-40.


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