WIA Profile: Alexandra Praisler

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AW Summit’s event manager, Alexandra Praisler, sure knows how to throw a conference and awards gala. The recent AW Summit and AW Awards, just last month, were dandies.

Adult business representatives are not your regular boring business women or men. On the contrary, they are people going crazy for partying, so AW Summit is famous for its huge parties.

Praisler, described by peers as “passionate” and “incredibly knowledgeable about the cam biz, is seen by many as the face of AW Summit.

XBIZ is pleased to spotlight AW Summit’s Praisler as WIA Woman of the Month with this Q&A interview.

XBIZ: What’s your role at AW Summit?

Praisler: I work in two main roles in the summit staff. As event manager, I have to over watch every detail getting into its place starting from the small ones, to the most significant ones. Luckily I have great help in my team on whom I can rely. My other role is being the sales director of the event, so I help companies choose sponsor packages, assist in buying tickets and so on. I really enjoy it as I can keep in touch daily with fantastic people from the industry.

XBIZ: What prepared you for what you are doing now?

Praisler: Prior to this position, I worked in sales for seven years at a financial institution. To be honest, I far more enjoy working in the adult business. While in the financial sector for example business meetings can be tedious, and certain protocol has to be followed with partners. Here I really like that people, partners are much more relaxed and there is always place for jokes and partying.

XBIZ: Tell me about planning the big event. What are the important details?

Praisler: Well first and foremost, it will be volumes larger than previous years’ events. With far more participants from every area of the adult industry. Also we will have lot more programs during the days, including sports events, poker or bowling tournaments, dinner events, and so on. These all add a great deal of value of the event, it will be definitely more fun than anything you have seen, but of course all these activities have a lot of details to take care of. From the color of the napkins, through the hostesses to the transportation. For me everything is important. And what I care the most is that attendees benefit from this event and everyone finds what they are looking for — new business relationships or deepen the existing ones.

XBIZ: What goes on at the AW Summit?

Praisler: As any adult business event it is a place to present your company and services, look for partners and to make relationships with existing partners deeper. So the main idea is to have a huge expo as the place for business. But adult business representatives are not your regular boring business women or men. On the contrary, they are people going crazy for partying, so AW Summit is famous for its huge parties. And by huge, I mean stellar. It is the best way to get closer with people you plan to work with.

XBIZ: In your spare time, what do you like to do?

Praisler: My first reaction was to say I do not have spare time. Which in the last few months is quite true as we needed to do the final touches on the summit. But once the event was over, I took a long vacation to rest and spent some time out of office. But in general I spend time with family and friends, having barbeque parties, weekend getaways in the mountains or just sleep very, very long on Sunday morning.


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