WIA Profile: Nicole Adams

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Nicole Adams, EroAdvertising’s sales manager for North America, is this month’s WIA Woman of the Month.

2016 is a landmark year for EroAdvertising because we are celebrating 10 years in business. Expect more from us as we turn that 10 years of knowledge into client satisfaction.

Adams, an industry veteran, was tapped in October to facilitate North American sales for EroAdvertising’s platform, which offers sophisticated options for both advertisers seeking new prospects and publishers seeking to monetize content and ad inventory. Adams previously spent more than six years with Utherverse as the company’s director of marketing, which earned her a wealth of experience and knowledge that she brought over to the EroAdvertising team.

We’re delighted to honor Adams as WIA’s Woman of the Month for March.

XBIZ: What’s your role at EroAdvertising?

ADAMS: My role at EroAdvertising is sales manager for North America, but what that really means depends on the day. I work from home and have accounts all over the world, but focus mostly on North America. Even though EroAdvertising is a self-serve network, we try to maintain close contact with all of our advertisers and publishers to make sure each client is meeting their goals. This involves being on Skype, emailing and talking to our users daily. I sometimes even set up campaigns, run statistics and help optimize campaigns for our clients.

I also help with the overall marketing of the EroAdvertising as a company. Our owner and CEO, Jan Huibers, whom I am sure you all know, is always busy creating state-of-the-art tools and it is my job to make sure our users as well as the industry and potential clients know about these tools.

XBIZ: What other work have you done in the industry?

ADAMS: Previous to working at EroAdvertising I was the director of marketing for Utherverse for over six years. This is where I got my start in the adult industry and where my love of the industry began.

My role at Utherverse was also a varied role. I did all of the media buying and selling as well as affiliate management, marketing promotions and campaigns, creative consulting and email marketing.

I met Jan in 2010 as a client of EroAdvertising. I always had a lot of respect for EroAdvertising and their team, so the transition to employee was very easy for me. I already knew the team and the platform.

XBIZ: What’s the best part of your job?

ADAMS: I think I have to change this to the best parts of the job. As I already mentioned, the EroAdvertising team is the best team I have had the privilege of working with. Everyone is very supportive of one another and always willing to step up and help out. My only wish is that I could see them more!

I am in Vancouver, Canada, and the rest of the team is scattered throughout The Netherlands, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and the U.S., so I only wish we could connect more. By the time I am signing on for the day, most of the team is leaving for the night, but that is how we can provide 24-hour live support, so in the end it benefits our users.

I also love having client contact. I thrive on helping others and I really like seeing our users have success. Being able to help someone achieve their goals and ultimately make money is a great feeling.

Of course, I love being a part of this industry as a whole. The camaraderie of this industry is truly amazing and it makes me proud to be a member of such an esteemed group of businesspeople.

XBIZ: What’s a typical workday like?

ADAMS: I am usually up early with my son and get him off to school then drag myself to the gym. Once I get home it is usually a lot of emails to catch up on, Skype conversations with users and posting and responding in the industry forums. I also do most of the company’s writing.

Because Jan is an avid programmer, he is always writing enhancements and new tools, so it is part of my job to take Jan’s technical notes and write them in a way that makes sense to our clients, so essentially, putting a marketing spin on technical notes. l also write press releases and any other marketing materials needed. I really enjoy writing, so this is a great part of my job.

XBIZ: What’s coming up for EroAdvertising as we move forward in 2016?

ADAMS: 2016 is a landmark year for EroAdvertising because we are celebrating 10 years in business. Expect more from us as we turn that 10 years of knowledge into client satisfaction.

We will also continue to add enhancements and tools to the network that make it easier to use. We will be relaunching the entire website/user panel later this year, which will have some rebranding, but the goal is to make the network easier to use for our users. Because we have such close contact with our users we have been listening to everything they tell us about usability, so we are taking all of that feedback to make an easier interface.

We are just about to launch a revolutionary controller for our publishers that we are calling EroAdsController (or eaCtrl). This controller has many functions including a fast-page load as well as a very effective anti-ad blocking option. The EroAdsController will load banners in a single request, making page load much faster than using Javascript or iFrame. Because the images can be hosted by the publisher, their Google page rank will increase because it is their own content.

The EroAdsController also has an anti-ad block option that will detect an ad blocker, then use a proxy solution to get the data needed. eaCtrl also allows a publisher to use another network’s code on their site and if the ads are blocked, EroAdvertising’s ads will show instead, which allows the publisher to still make money. This is a small part of the entire controller. You’ll have to hit me up to get the entire rundown. We do think the EroAdsController is going to be a very robust tool for publishers.

XBIZ: In your spare time, what do you like to do?

ADAMS: Seeing as I have a four-year-old, there isn’t exactly a lot of spare time, but living in Vancouver, it is mandatory to be outdoorsy. Being that we really don’t have winter, unlike the rest of Canada, I am outside most of the year —— minus the few days we have torrential downpours — with my son.

We love bike riding, hiking, walking on the seawall and kayaking. I try to get to the gym at least four times a week as well.

Vancouver is known for its amazing cuisine, so I like to get out and try new food and maybe have a glass or four of wine when I can.


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