Q&A With Porndoe's Yannick Ferreri

Meet Yannick Ferreri, who’s in charge of business development for the PornDoe properties.

Launched early in 2015, the PornDoe and PornDoe Premium tube sites offer a different business model than traditional tube site entities that rely on user-generated uploads — the sites are dependant on content partners and licensed movies.

Along with our exclusive production, we have exclusive models. This is another step towards localized marketing; finding favored women in European and South American countries to work with us in production, as well as in our social media initiatives.

The tube sites were also built with language in mind and as Ferreri puts it, the company is a master of localization and search — all leading users to the company’s exclusive paysites, which offer an all-you-can-eat model for a fixed price.

XBIZ World checked in with Ferreri last month to find out more about the PornDoe brand and related site and how the company keeps on finding success by continuing to put its finger on the optimization button.

XBIZ: Tell us about the history of PornDoe?

Ferreri: PornDoe came out of a necessary change in the industry, similar to PPS payouts, traffic brokers and mobile monetization. For years now, content has lost its value with the free flow of streaming sites, but we believe that once again, content will be king.

PornDoe and PornDoe Premium were designed around this notion, giving ample benefits to content partners working on our free 100 percent legal streaming site and by creating exclusive brands under the same umbrella to further promote our involvement and dedication to the production world.

We are masters of localization and help our content partners become so by translating all of our uploaded videos and tagging them accordingly to the top five languages (English, German, Italian France and Spanish).

We have now signed exclusive deals with multiple producers worldwide and look forward to the next steps in our quest to globally brand Porn Doe.

Together with Gian Carlo and Ricky Ganiere, we have come a long way with this project and adding people every day to make sure we never let up.

XBIZ: What is your role with the company?

Ferreri: Currently I am responsible for managing the production of our 23 exclusive brands, as well as overseeing the development of new features and tools for our tube and premium sites.

Slowly but surely we are staffing individuals to take on significant portions of mine, Ricky Ganiere and Gian Carlo’s endless list of tasks. These individuals will be capable of focusing on each facet of tube and production in more depth to further optimize our brand and its processes.

XBIZ: What sets the PornDoe brand apart from the vast number of tube sites, as well as paysites, on the Internet?

Ferreri: There are a few things that we noticed we could do that would set us apart. On the free side, we are 100 percent reliant on content partners and licensed movies. This means that there are no user-generated uploads, and therefore no potential for piracy. Our content is fully compliant and abides by all DMCA regulatory standards. This has allowed us to gain favorable standing in the production community.

Another way we saw to gain awareness and rankings was to become masters of localization. We have determined the top five languages in terms of value and usage to be English French, Italian, Spanish and German. Consequently we hired staff in all those areas to do real-life relevant translation and tagging on all media that goes live on PornDoe and PornDoe Premium. This has given us an edge on other content partner programs, as well as rankings in the respective countries that use those languages.

Finally there is our exclusive paysites that are related to the free version of PornDoe and PornDoe Premium. Traditionally, free stream sites were focused on monetizing their traffic by offering advertising and white-labeled premium models (generic, nonexclusive DVD).

To maintain a user in the PornDoe network, we needed to cater to their demands. As is such, our sites are very much based on the popular search terms and niches respective to the languages and counties we target.

At this time we are offering 100 updates a month from a variety of brands. To name a few —,,,, and We shoot everything from amateur gonzo to mature swingers. There is almost no untouched territory, and this is all offered for $9.95, with an all-you-can-eat model allowing the user to benefit from every one of our productions.

XBIZ: PornDoe utilizes social media quite a bit with Twitter, Facebook and even a blog. What benefits are there with social media?

Ferreri: Along with our exclusive production, we have exclusive models. This is another step towards localized marketing; finding favored women in European and South American countries to work with us in production, as well as in our social media initiatives.

Facebook, Twitter and blogs are all used to add value to our user experience. We give the surfer a reason to follow us by using whimsical posts and tie in the actress’ involvement to give them an “inside view” of their lives. Users want to be part of the fantasy, and as such, giving them this window extends their ability to do so vividly. Girls tweet daily offering up small bits of their lives, behind the scenes from shoots and general shout outs promoting our brand.

I believe that social media is not the only answer to promoting your brand however it is paramount to be in the running with the other serious firms in our industry.

XBIZ: What’s next for the PornDoe sites?

Ferreri: At this point the initial block of work has been done. This means establishing brands from our premium, getting favorable ranking with Google and perfecting some of the processes that we do on the daily. Right now we are what I would like to call the promising young football prodigy about to prove that he can rival his current statistics in the big league! We have all the right pieces and all the right connections, and in the next few months we will be where we pull it all together.

XBIZ: In your time away from work, what do you like to do?

Ferreri: Although time away from work is somewhat scarce in our development stages, my downtime is spent fiddling with my guitar, playing with my French bulldog or cooking with my soon to be wife. On that note, I would say my biggest achievement is being able to plan a wedding while working on the PornDoe project.