Cam Business: Models Benefit by Luring Huge Audiences

As the adult entertainment evolves online, the eventual dominance of live performances was inevitable.

For years, audiences accepted the idea of downloading prerecorded video content due to a number of technological gaps that had to be solved as the market matured.

At the end of the day, if you want to earn the most money, it always comes back to having time in front of a large audience with zero downtime and all the obstacles between you and your client removed from the equation complete.

Now, not only do most viewers have desktop computers and enough bandwidth to ably stream live content flawlessly to their monitor, a majority are also carrying smartphones and tablets that are just as capable of distributing live streaming video to them anywhere they happen to be when they want to check in to check out their favorite live performers.

The game has changed, and the new era of adult entertainment features thousands of performers working from home as they seek out the largest possible audience to monetize their time online.

“Models ought to consider a few key things right from the first time they turn on their web-cam,” explained Karoly Papp, CEO of LiveJasmin.com, says models ought to consider a few key questions the first time they turn on their webcam.

“How can you be seen by the largest audience and how can you earn the most per minute, what impact would an exclusive contract have on your income and which platforms provide the kind of reliable infrastructure you need to consistently earn the most revenue for yourself?” Papp asks. “Your time is valuable and you want to work with a cam platform that understands that from the start.”

Largest Audience Earns the Most Per Minute

Many new models focus on the amount a customer is charged per minute and the percentage of each payment that will be paid to the model each pay period. Those are obviously important factors, but as any longtime performer can tell you, that won’t really give you an accurate assessment of how much you are likely to earn on a consistent basis.

What those numbers fail to include is the amount of downtime you might have between paid performances and the prospect of earning additional income via up-sells, tips, surprises, wish lists and more.

Rushing to perform for a small boutique cam site might work out for you if you can bring your own audience with you from social media engagement, feature dancing notoriety or other sources of digital popularity. But if you show up all alone, sitting in a high pay-per-minute, low-audience-volume chat room is unlikely to earn you top dollar.

“At LiveJasmin.com we service 35 to 40 million visitors every day and pay out the maximum model revenue of as much as 80 percent, with some of our top models earning more than $50,000 per month,” Papp says.

“Performing on the largest webcam platform gets you immediate access to an enormous global audience around the clock in every time zone, and that means less wait time for new clients, greater probability of landing a whale as an admirer and a much more consistent way to max out your revenue each month.”

Exclusive Contract Impact

Another key consideration when you want to create the largest audience is the idea of exclusivity.

In recent months we have seen a rash of performers agreeing to become an exclusive property of this platform or that one, and therefore giving up the income they could have earned by being seen everywhere else.

Live Jasmin provides top models with additional publicity and exposure by creating model channels specifically for each performer and by including models in additional publicity channels like the official Jasmin TV broadcasts.

We do this to help models reach an even larger audience because we understand that when a model earns more, we do too.  However, we do not require any kind of exclusive contracts and avoid arrangements that might limit the ability of a model to earn the most they can during every second they are online, no matter where they may be appearing at any given moment.

Platforms That Provide Reliable Infrastructure

Lastly you’ll want to always be aware that if a site is down or something is broken on the backend, it costs you money by reducing the amount of time you can be entertaining your clients.

There are a lot of software solutions that suggest it’s easy to become your own systems administrator and manage the multitude of security, stability and payment processing responsibilities that come along with that role. Just be sure you have a complete grasp on what you and your team need to do in order to keep your shows running smoothly before getting involved in that kind of a scheme.

When you perform on LiveJasmin.com, you are immediately benefiting from a decade of hard work by hundreds of top quality technicians who have built the premier platform for you to perform on, and who continue to enhance it each day by tirelessly adding new features, improving system performance and simplifying the connection between your clients and you.

There are some good choices out there and some great people to work with as you embark on a web-cam modeling career. The key is to have as complete an understanding of the features, benefits and options available to you before you mistakenly lock yourself down to a single webcam show provider or take on too much of the technological backend business to be successful.

At the end of the day, if you want to earn the most money, it always comes back to having time in front of a large audience with zero downtime and all the obstacles between you and your client removed from the equation complete.

Once it’s down to you and a chat room full of potential customers, we all know you’re going to do great.

Jean-Marie Kesch is an 18-year adult industry veteran and the director of business development for Live Jasmin, the live cam operator that has been in business more than 14 years. Generating nearly 40 million visitors a day, Live Jasmin is one of the biggest sites in the online adult space and has more than 50,000 active models. Kesch, also known as JMK, can be reached at jean-marie.kesch@awempire.com.


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