Q&A With Karoly Papp of LiveJasmin, the Pioneering Cams Company

Meet Karoly Papp, the co-founder and CEO of Docler Holding, the parent of live-cam powerhouse LiveJasmin.

LiveJasmin, a four-time winner at the XBIZ Awards, is going into its 15th year as one of the top operators of not only the live cam space but the entire online adult space.

We have a strong presence on social media, but it’s definitively not the most important and relevant platform for us. Our members prefer privacy, which we respect, and they don’t want a big exposure on social media.

LiveJasmin started with the idea of an Internet-based reality show with a bit of eroticism attached to it. And look at it now.

XBIZ sat down with Papp to find out a bit more about LiveJasmin, the biggest live cam player.

XBIZ: How did LiveJasmin become such a big player in the live cams arena?

Papp: LiveJasmin was founded by a couple of enthusiastic people who believed in their dreams and invested all their time and money in the project. We have always been challenged on the fact that what we wanted to achieve was impossible. But our desire to become and achieve the impossible is what has driven us to become the biggest player in the market. We are a company of around 1,000 people worldwide, but we still are a startup in terms of our enthusiasm and commitment.

XBIZ: With nearly 40 million visitors a day, what kind of technical backend does it take for LiveJasmin to keep the site running?

Papp:We have built an IT infrastructure of more than 2,000 servers with various nodes all over the world (Luxembourg, Los Angeles, Miami, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, etc.). We have also put together teams of highly skilled DevOps, network engineers, system administrators and IT security specialists, all working on it in order to keep the systems up and running.

XBIZ: When it comes to live cams, what do consumers demand these days?

Papp: The consumer wants high quality of service, both in terms of technology and content. You can propose nice models, but if the technology behind is not good then the services are not consumable. LiveJasmin offers the best and biggest community of live cam models and crystal-clear HD streams.

XBIZ: What do the cam models want?

Papp: The models are looking for money and fame in general. They also need a stable broadcasting platform that is easy to use and a business model that can allow them to earn more if they are online more. They want to be protected from potential unpleasant members’ behavior. A customer service that serves all their needs and listens to their problems is also key. I have to say they can find all these things when working on LiveJasmin.

XBIZ: How many LiveJasmin models are there?

Papp: LiveJasmin has around 2 million registered models, of which around 50,000 are considered as active.

XBIZ: And how much can the top-performers actually earn?

Papp: The best models earn up to $50,000 a month with our level dependent payout system. They can also reach up to 80 percent revenue share.

XBIZ: Do you find that live cams traffic excels in some months and declines in others?

Papp:Yes, there is a periodicity in terms of traffic, both weekly and monthly. For example weekends perform better than weekdays.

XBIZ: How does social media come into play with your company?

Papp: We have a strong presence on social media, but it’s definitively not the most important and relevant platform for us. Our members prefer privacy, which we respect, and they don’t want a big exposure on social media.

XBIZ: Some mention that virtual reality combined with haptic technology as the next big thing for the online adult and live cams industries. What are your thoughts on VR’s future with live cams?

Papp: We are following the trends and have internally a R&D department working on future technologies. We still don’t think VR will have a radical impact on the live cam industry.

XBIZ: I’d like to hear about your company’s efforts in donating and supporting social programs and charitable causes.

Papp: For us supporting social programs and charities is essential and is part of our DNA. Historically, we have always managed donations in the fields of sports, culture and science and helping people with disabilities or illnesses. We believe we can make a difference and help people who need it the most.

XBIZ: What’s a typical work day like?

Papp: A typical work day usually starts at 9 a.m., is filled with meetings and discussions, and doesn’t really end up until 10 p.m. when I can finally get home. But I really enjoy my work and my long days. This is when dreams come true and projects turn into reality.

XBIZ: When you’re not thinking about business, what do you like to do?

Papp: The thing is that business never leaves my thoughts.


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