Fetish Hits: Looking Ahead to Become an Even Bigger Affiliate Network

Stewart Tongue

Fetish Hits is a venerable affiliate program known to almost every adult webmaster because of its long, rich history and consistent supply of quality marketing materials.

Launched originally in 2001, the program has enjoyed 14 years of success and paid out millions of dollars to its traffic partners while monetizing a long list of paysites in under-saturated niches.

To succeed today, companies need to focus on quality, a great experience for both their customers and affiliates. They will need to come up with fresh, unique ideas and have to try to separate themselves from other programs.

In fact, Fetish Hits has entered several different niche verticals, and found its greatest success in the BBW video marketplace.

“Our most successful sites are the exclusive BBW site, which has become one of the premier sites in a very popular niche, along with our live cam site,” owner Toni told XBIZ. “BBW Hunter is a unique concept and was very appealing to BBW lovers as it features a big number of sexy BBWs with a nice story driving the action. is a very recognizable brand name and the site features an amazing experience with tens of thousands of live models from all around the world.”

Over the years Fetish Hits has grown and continually improved product quality while maintaining a tight grip on expenses by building a strong mix of in-house employees and independent service providers.

“Currently we have 10 full-time people at Fetish Hits, but we are also using many freelancers or third-party companies for certain projects like programmers, designs, writers and similar,” Toni said.

So many years of experience in the industry has allowed Fetish Hits to assemble a talented team and to build a very useful list of outside sources worth hiring whenever the need arises.

As Toni points out, “to succeed today, companies need to focus on quality, a great experience for both their customers and affiliates. They will need to come up with fresh, unique ideas and have to try to separate themselves from other programs.”

That unwavering focus on what is working now and a resistance to wonder about what life would have been like if something had been done differently is exactly the kind of pragmatic approach that so many successful CEOs speak about when asked to second-guess their own decisions.

Is there anything you would like to have done differently during your time as the CEO of

“Of course,” admitted Toni, “but it is always easy to know later what would have been the perfect steps to take. The key is making the best decisions right now.”

When asked to look ahead into the future, Toni is also reluctant, because there is so much that can be done today to make those distant decisions easier and more profitable for his program and the webmasters he works with on a day-to-day basis.

“I don’t see any huge changes soon, I have been through the process — from AVS sites to free sites to TGPs to MGPs and, for the last couple years, the tubes,” Toni said. “The amount of free content only grew and the income became smaller in the process. There is not much more to give away for free. I think the future is on improving quality, maybe hitting it with a new niche and keep adjusting on what customers and affiliates demand.”

Regarding those adjustments to demands from consumers and affiliates, “There is some huge news coming soon,” Toni said with excitement.

“We are working on moving our affiliate program to NATS, working on launching about 20 new paysites, creating new niche cam sites, dating sites and stores as well. Our goal is to become an even bigger network for affiliates with many different products. There will be many new releases throughout the next couple months.”


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