White Label Webcams and What to Look for

While label cam sites were once one of the most popular cam promo tools in the adult industry. In recent years new tools have started to gain traction, and Google has taken steps to make it harder for white label owners to rank them organically.

However, it would be a serious mistake to assume that means these money-makers are no longer viable because there are many companies and independent site owners cranking out cam sites for serious cash with the help of sponsors who understand how the white label game has evolved and the directions it will be going as time marches on.

This is the most innovative white label builder available anywhere. Fast, friendly and robust with unprecedented payouts. -Yuval Kijel, Streamate

Just as is true for any other kind of digital business, making the right choices at the start will substantially shorten the path to profitability.

“Make sure the white label that you work with is battle-tested with a good track record,” Jeff Wilson of told XBIZ. “It’s easy to swap a logo on a page and call it a while label, it’s much more difficult to make it seem like it is your own unique site. Use all the tools that the affiliate program offers, to differentiate your site in the search engines. Research while label sites that rank well and use their programs.”

Especially in the white label segment of the market, copycat techniques are popular. Since the site itself is destined to be somewhat cookie-cutter, it’s essential that you are working with a template, design, back-end and support staff that knows how to create the kind of site that is capable of holding the attention and affection of traffic you send to it.

The days of build it and they will “cum” are long over, but throwing traffic at a weak product is never going to generate the kind of cash a quality product can earn you on those same traffic sources.

“Streamate is focused on offering white labels to its partners, and we recently launched our new white label builder and new affiliate program — Cambuilder,” Yuval Kijel of Streamate told XBIZ. “This is the most innovative white label builder available anywhere. Fast, friendly and robust with unprecedented payouts.

“When you try a white label, make sure it has as many models as possible, that you can easily customize it, and that it's backed by a well-established company. Cambuilder, powered by Streamate, gives you all of that. Try to avoid companies that don't give you a white label that is their best product. If you run into a webcam white label, most chances it's a Streamate white label. All top companies in the industry use our white label for a reason; it has the highest bottom line.”

So, what are the dangers of going with an unknown brand or a box script solution that isn’t ready for prime-time? “There are many cam scripts floating around the Internet,” according to Ben Clark, principle of “Most of these scripts are off-the-shelf products that require a full time programmer in order to get them working. With these scripts you need to think about a streaming server and a payment provider; all of which cost money to setup.

“We have heard so many horror stories where by once you have bought the script all communication is shut off and you are left with a program that does not work or function,” he told XBIZ. “Make sure whichever solution you choose, there is a contact telephone number so you can call the company. Make sure the company is viable and ongoing support is offered. A successful webcam company can make a lot of money as long as it's done right. Working with the right technology company is the key to success.”

So, with horror stories of bogus sponsors that fall through and Google seeking to delist ‘thin content sites’ according to their press machine, why do many successful webmasters continue to build quality white label Cam Sites backed by industry-leading live adult entertainment sponsors? Because when you do it right, there is plenty of money to be made.

“Maintaining a live cam site is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day a week responsibility,” Shirley Lara, COO of Chaturbate, told XBIZ. “Using a white label is an excellent resource for affiliates who utilize sponsor services by letting someone else handle model support, user support, fraud protection, and then still continue to reap all their own monetary benefits without doing much of the work that would ordinarily be required of them to own their own live cam site.

“Most cam sites offer white labels for affiliates and allow them to use their own domains. Typically sites offer a white label maker, which enables affiliates to create a white label in less than five minutes. For more customizable options we recommend using an API. This allows affiliates even more control as far as design, ad space and beyond.”

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