WIA Profile: Laura Cebrián

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How did you get into the business?

The online adult business is a never-ending learning experience, and I feel that this is its most attractive side.

My first job in the industry was at Private Media Group about five years ago. A friend of mine was working there at the time and she knew about an open position so she called me. I did my interview on a Wednesday; they called me next day telling me they wanted me, so I quit the job I had at that moment and started there the following Monday. I had never worked or imagined working in adult, but it took me no time to love it and feel part of it.

What in your background prepared you for what you are doing now?

Well, I started to study English when I was very little. I am originally Argentinean (my mother tongue is Spanish) and I was always curious of what people in the movies were saying or what my favorite songs meant, so I decided to learn that language that seemed so cool and intriguing to me. Later in life, I learned Italian and studied a bit of Portuguese. I love traveling as well. It is the best experience for the mind and the soul. Also, all the jobs I’ve had have always been related to customer service and sales in big multinational corporations. So that, combined with my love for communication and different cultures brought me to JuicyAds, which is the perfect fit for me.

What do you see as the challenges of working in the adult online business? How do you overcome them?

I love challenges. The online adult business is a never-ending learning experience, and I feel that this is its most attractive side. Online in general, demands being up to date with the latest technologies and tendencies. With representing a brand, you need to be 100 percent familiar with the product, the market, your clients, the technologies and everything around it.

Does your work life affect your personal life?

I think any job affects your personal life because it is part of your life. The fact that we work in the adult industry makes no difference ... and if it does, it does in a positive way. I’ve always been an open-minded person, but since I started in this industry, I think I became even more flexible with the way I see life in general. My family and friends are proud of and happy for me as they see how happy and successful I am. Besides, I’ve met a lot of great people in the adult industry who are now my good friends and, therefore, part of my life. I think my job is simply awesome. Keep it juicy!