The Language of the Web

In today‘s increasingly competitive environment, adult Webmasters have to work harder, and smarter, to turn a profit. Part of this process involves looking – and reaching – beyond our more traditional markets, and embracing the wide world around us, and the opportunities it provides.

In a global marketplace that is depicted by multicultural customers with different languages and different preferences in content, it becomes more and more essential to proactively direct your traffic to the appropriate destination by welcoming the surfer in his own native language.

Despite the fast growing numbers of the non-English speaking online population, most of the Sponsors and Webmasters still offer their sites exclusively in the English language!

Meanwhile the market has changed, and today about 60% of the total online population is primarily non-English speaking, compared to 40% of English speaking users.

Top Languages on the WEB, March 2002:

Language Group




228 million



55.5 million



52.1 million



40.8 million



38.6 million



25.2 million



22.0 million



20.2 million


Source: Global Reach (

Distribution of Internet Users (millions):


December 2000

May 2002


177.78 (42.5%)

182.67 (31.4%)


133.97 (32.0%)

185.83 (32.0%)

Source: (

Stop Wasting Potential Traffic
The majority of American sites are still lacking the basic functionality of proactively leading their international surfers to the niche that they specifically requested. More often than not, if any attempt to cater to International traffic is made, the user always ends up seeing the same old dialer site, which does not feature the content he primarily asked for.

If the surfer is ready to accept the relatively high charges of a dialer, then this approach will result in short-term profits, however the opportunity is wasted to win this customer as a paying member, who is going to generate even higher profits over a longer period of time. So, what do you do if the surfer is not willing to accept the high charges of a dialer program and when credit card company restrictions hinder you from otherwise doing business with him?

Participating in International Markets
There is a big challenge facing American sponsors and Webmasters who want to successfully participate in the International adult Internet market: Since nobody else knows their marketplace better than the providers of pay sites that are coming from their own specific regions, American Webmasters should try to leverage themselves into the foreign markets by forming partnerships with international affiliate programs.

When choosing an international traffic partner, look for one who can identify and sort your foreign traffic by both browser language and IP-detection, then route the surfer to his requested niche by welcoming him in his native language. Being able to offer local payment methods, and overcome any language barriers while considering the different cultural preferences in content is also a must, as is your ability to profit from recurring billing and long term retention.

One such program is SEXMoney, one of the major European adult Internet affiliate programs. Featuring sites in 25 different languages that cover over 60 niches on over 900 international domains – and offering 400 products – there is no equivalent content pool in all of Europe! By offering a wide selection of local payment solutions, the user is put in the best position to select the payment method he feels most comfortable with – an important advantage when processing subscriptions in a market hesitant (or unable) to use a traditional credit card.

There is no need for American Webmasters to change any of their preferred domestic affiliate programs, but when it comes to profiting from your international traffic, you should simply add an additional partner that is going to assist you in converting these foreign surfers into cash, and by adding just three lines of coding, SEXMoney will guarantee you higher conversion rates and longer retention.

There’s a world of opportunity at your fingertips and here’s one more way to profit from them.

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