Exec Seat: Q&A With Shay Efron

Meet Shay Efron, vice president of sales, marketing and business development for several of top brands in the online adult affiliate and webcam space — Pussycash, ImLive and WebcamWiz.

Several years ago, Efron took the reins of business dealings for the famous brands after holding positions outside the adult space.

The adult trade shows are the ideal places to meet our partners and affiliates and to create new leads for business. —Shay Efron

Efron, armed with degrees specializing in governments and diplomatic studies, has held positions as a security/defense advisor for presidents and other top-ranked officials and also has founded and owned several highly successful clubs and restaurants.

XBIZ World last month chatted with Efron to learn more about him and the company he serves.

XBIZ: How did you get involved with PussyCash/ImLive/WebcamWiz?

EFRON: I met the owner and founder of ImLive several years back and we kept in touch. When the vice president position became open, he offered me the job, and I thought that the challenge seemed to be like something I just can’t miss.

PussyCash/ImLive through the years has become a cash cow for affiliates. The programs have always offered large bonuses and payout incentives to attract new sign-ups.

XBIZ: What sets PussyCash/ImLive/WebcamWiz apart from the competition?

EFRON: Well, we have some serious competition in the industry, and if I have to choose what separates us from our major competitors, I would say the high payouts, innovative products and approach, our system integrity and credibility, and our constant quest for giving our affiliates and partners better service and higher revenues.

XBIZ: How large are the programs in terms of numbers of users, affiliates, etc.?

EFRON: Pussycash has 60,000-plus affiliates. Our webcam products have millions of members, and we’re operating more than 9,000 webcam white label sites for our partners — and growing.

XBIZ: In a general sense, how is business in 2014?

EFRON: Pussycash is one of the biggest and well-known affiliate programs in the industry, and the power behind its major webcam brands —, and the dominate white label generator

This year we launched also three new niche lifestyle sites —, and These sites are much more than webcam sites. We build and design them as a last-stop solution for users who find interest in these specific niches. These sites offer their users an exclusive video-on-demand section, articles and magazines, places around the world to hang out together and much more. Ever since we launched them, they have become a huge success.

Pussycash is offering its webmasters the highest payouts in the webcam industry, mostly due to the fact that our platform allows us to pay more than our competitors and without using targets or limits.

On ImLive, our flagship video chat site, we’re paying today $150-$250 per sign up. On our lifestyle sites we’re paying $150 per sign up, and on our white label platform we’re paying $75 per sign up — with a completely clean database.

We’re also offering $35 lifetime revenue-share from the very first dollar spent by the users on all of our products. We’re giving our affiliates the option to use both PPS and revshare, and an opportunity for a PPL business model to monetize their traffic with — so basically they enjoy all worlds.

Pussycash obviously offers its webmasters an opportunity to monetize traffic on all platforms: web, mobile and tablets, with 24/7 reliable stats, monthly bonuses and many more features that create commitment between us and the affiliates.

We are launching now the new version of — our flagship webcam product. With close to 60 million members, ImLive is one of the most successful webcam brands in the industry. Sixty-thousand models are ready to convert our affiliates’ traffic under every possible niche.

With its new design and features, the new ImLive already performs amazingly, and that means that the site will be even more lucrative for affiliates who are looking to monetize their traffic on a world-known brand.

I think that one other reason that makes Pussycash so stable and successful over the years is the integrity and credibility we are well known for in the industry. At the end of the day, the affiliates and partners are looking to monetize their traffic with a reliable system, that will respect their businesses and give them the opportunity to make money and enjoy doing it at the same time.

This year Pussycash is about to launch at least two new nonwebcam brands, as part of our approach to offer our affiliate larger range of products to monetize their traffic with.

As the company is growing, the challenge of all of us in Pussycash will be to keep on working hard on the same famous standards in order to be an innovative force in the industry.

XBIZ: Are you seeing a substantial number of newbies jumping on board with the programs?

EFRON: Pussycash, with it variety of products, offers the perfect hub for both webmasters and adult companies to jump on board.

With our white-label generator,, we get many new partners per day. In fact, we’re running now more than 9,000 white label webcam sites for our partners. The fact that WebcamWiz is the most innovative platform for building a webcam site on your own — under many languages, niches and across all platforms — gives us a real, growing leverage as a company.

Our webcam products generates masses of new members on a daily basis, and I’m personally looking to enlarge these numbers on 2014.

XBIZ: What sector of the online adult biz is driving the market these days?

EFRON: I would say that the industry is moving toward white label solutions and towards localization of their products/platforms. Instead of sending their traffic to main well-known brands, companies prefer to send their traffic to white labels, giving them the option to monetize their own traffic, on their own domain/sub-domain, with maximum control of their users, while offering them an in-house solution instead of clicking them out to big brands.

This trend not only forces the companies on creating white label solutions for their partners, it’s also forced the big brands to improve their products in order to be appealing enough to webmasters and affiliates.

I can also see that, on one side, the webcam companies proved their abilities to monetize adult traffic in the most lucrative way. And on the other, traffic sources are held more under traffic networks/brokers who sell their inventory to the highest bidder.

XBIZ: How important is it to attend and be active at online adult trade shows?

EFRON: Pussycash is well known for being very dominate at adult trade shows. We’re major sponsors of most industry events, sponsoring the registration areas, parties and much more.

The adult trade shows are the ideal places to meet our partners and affiliates and to create new leads for business. Our well-known marketing team — Oren, Daiana, Adi, Eran, Danny and Nadav — are making their best efforts during the shows to get new business but also to improve the cooperation and personal connection with our many affiliates and partners. The adult trade shows are the ideal place for doing that.

We’re doing our best to mix business with pleasure — as always.

XBIZ: What’s a typical work day like?

EFRON: The life of Pussycash’s vice president means being online and reachable almost 24/7.

When not traveling for business and trade shows, I’m starting my day at 9 a.m. at the office, going over the last day’s reports, and getting ready to a new lucrative business day at the office.

After many meetings and conference calls, around 9 p.m., I’m leaving the office for my daily swim. This is my daily meeting with myself — 45 minutes of swimming to organize my thoughts and relax from the day.

Usually, I work two hours from home before going to sleep in order to be available for our affiliate and partners from North America in real time.

XBIZ: When not thinking about the biz, what do you like to do?

EFRON: After describing my typical workday, you can understand I do not have much spare time on my hands. I always keep my sport practices on a high level, like to hang out with my friends for a drink or a good party every now and then, and travel by bike when possible.

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