Q&A: XBIZ Sits Down With Shana and Roxy Lane

Shana and Roxy Lane are the hottest Canadian born sisters in the industry working in soft-core eroticism today.

They got their start with Marc Dorcel, shooting “Les Soeurs Lane au Canada,” and have worked with Tera Patrick as well as Porno Dan. Currently, they are working with OpenLife and have rolled out their new website,

Roxy and I are always filming ourselves wherever we go. You really get to know the personalities of who you’re watching. -Shana Lane

XBIZ World sat down with Shana and Roxy and had the opportunity to get to know the Lane Sisters a little better. Here’s what they had to say:

XBIZ:  Where do you both live? And how old are you?

Roxy:  We live together in Montreal. It’s me and Shana, along with our three doggies! I’m 19.

Shana:  And I’m 18.

XBIZ:  Are you really sisters?

Roxy:  Yes we’re 100 percent real sisters. We have the same mother and the same father!

XBIZ:  What were some of the production broadcasts in the U.S. and Canada you two were involved with that brought fame?

Roxy:  For the most part we’ve been shooting ourselves every day! Either Shana or I always carry a camera with us, and we’re always having sex. So everything we do is always caught on camera. You can catch all those clips on our site, and many of them are also available on TV in Canada, and will soon be available in the US.

We also recently did three big productions. It started with Marc Dorcel who came to meet us here in Quebec. We shot our movie in a log cabin just outside of Montreal. It’s called “Les Soeurs Lane au Canada.” We had a blast shooting with him and his team. Marc even called us to come join him for another production over in Paris.

We also recently shot for Porno Dan’s TV series called “The Right Hand.” It was so much fun working with them and it was a really great experience.

XBIZ:  I also heard you both had the opportunity to work with Tera Patrick.

Shana:  Yes! That was so awesome. Tera Patrick is a huge star, and to have the chance to work with someone as great as she is was really an honor. She was so nice to us! We were all together for a few days, and the cameras were following us around. We have some really cool footage to share with everyone. We went to the shooting range together and had the chance to shoot some huge shotguns, magnums, and pistols with her. We also went to race cars on the track together. That was really cool, me, Tera and Roxy we’re having so much fun. We got to drive a Ferrari F430, an Audi R8, a Porsche Carrera and a Lotus.

I can’t wait for her to come back in November. Also, everything we did together was on camera, it will be available on our site at

XBIZ:  Do you plan on expanding the site past girl-girl?

Shana:  Well of course! The site is actually not only girl – girl, we have guys on the site too. Our members can watch me and Roxy sharing cocks, getting DP’d, and all that good stuff.

Roxy:  Yes, I know it’s every guy’s fantasy to be with two sisters, so we try to make their fantasies come true!

XBIZ:  What is OpenLife?

Roxy:  OpenLife is a network of sites, and we are so lucky to be a part of it. The first site they launched is our site:

Shana:  And OpenLife is really a new kind of network. It’s for people who are really open minded sexually. Much like me and Roxy. Everything you see on the site is real life. Roxy and I are always filming ourselves wherever we go. You really get to know the personalities of who you’re watching.

XBIZ:  If you had the chance to work with anyone in the industry, who would it be?

Roxy:  Rocco Siffredi and Peter North. I would love to have them both at the same time! I’ve been a big fan for the longest time. Rocco Siffredi has such a huge cock, and Peter North cums a lot! I really like that!

Shana:  Yes me too… I would definitely do a DP scene with Rocco and Peter! Oh and Tera Patrick again! I would love to do a girl on girl scene with her!


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