Grooby Designers Weigh In on Successful Sites

There is no magic bullet on what will bring in a ton of traffic, but what you need to do is ensure that the traffic that does get your designs is able to view the design no matter what a device, browser or within reason, speed connection they have.

I like simplicity —it’s all very good having whistles and bells but do they add anything to the user experience and get what you are trying to say over to the consumer. You also have to be aware of different language traffic coming in and while it would be lovely to produce a site in all languages, it’s impossible so at least make it obvious for those for whom English isn’t the first language.

While it would be lovely to produce a site in all languages, it’s impossible so at least make it obvious for those for whom English isn’t the first language.

It’s tempting to use lots of keyword intensive blocks of text but you must ensure that the navigation of the tour, members and join pages are easy to follow. As we are based in one niche and the domain name is often self-explanatory, we’d expect most surfers already know what to expect —so it’s my job to present exactly what we’re showing in this specific site to them, to engage them and to make them confident of the purchase that they’re about to make.

While we’ve never believed in giving everything away for free in promotions, I do believe you design needs to some high-quality content as is being given in the members section, surfers have too short an attention span to be teased by tiny photos, or every link going to a join page.

For Shemale.xxx it was important to retain the Grooby brand yet also show that this isn’t just any new site, this is aiming to be the top transsexual website around in terms of model and technical quality. To show that the site was special and to reveal the investments in it, rather then just any new site launch.

Grooby Russ is Grooby’s in-house designer, working on such projects as Shemale.xxx. He is U.K. based and has worked with the company for 12 years.

I come from a print graphic design background it’s sometimes hard on internet designs to either get everything that is needed to be shown in such a small area, when working on banners, or having too much space and losing the momentum of the incoming traffic when working on a full website. I think the initial introduction to a site should be a large bold statement. If it’s a solo model site then get her full face splashed across the screen, if it’s a niche site then make sure you presenting that niche.

The other frills around a site design can lend to ambiance and an overall professional look and I don’t think that they should be over-looked, especially when trying to present a professional site but there is a case for not making a site too slick, especially when working on solo websites where surfers expect a more realistic look. I do think there is a problem in that designers have to be constantly checking that their designs work over all browsers and the faster that gets properly standardized, the better.

It’s rare to see a design today which blows you away. I miss the old days, when you could click on a website and be wow’d by what a designer had came up with We’re in the business of sales to the mass market and we often have to tailor to the lowest denominater.

Grooby Dev is the in-house designer working on GroobyNetwork.com sites, as well as promotional material and site refreshing. He works out of Grooby’s Burbank, Calif., offices and has been with the company for five years.