2009's Biggest Opportunity

Recently, XBIZ World Magazine asked several industry players "What do you see as the biggest opportunity for the industry in 2009?"

Here's what they had to say:

In 2009 the most important thing for us, a company with multiple products (TopBucks.com, PlugInFeeds.com, Pink Visual, and others) is to be effective with our efforts and try to get into a comfortable position with the emerging market opportunities we see, even if that does not generate the immediate revenue the adult markets presented years ago. We also have always seen ourselves as an Internet commerce business and not tied ourselves down with being strictly adult. In 2009, we plan to further our mainstream presence with our adult products and continue development and growth of our mainstream products.

— Allison Vivas, president, Pink Visual

Smashbucks has always subscribed to the theory of life, which is changing and adapting in life or business, if not you are lost or done. This year has been the most interesting for change and watching major companies going down in flames. We see "change" in the same way as the word "challenge." We see offering the user a much simpler way to spend money. In a free world, we feel the user would be much happier just being able to buy on the fly.

— Mike Hawk, co-owner Smashbucks

Epoch will launch two major products this year. Each is designed to help webmasters best manage their business and will provide new tools not yet seen in this industry. Look for the first launch in quarter one!

— Rand Pate, director of communications, Epoch.com

We all know that technology and the Internet move very fast compared to other businesses, and we plan to stay ahead of the game by listening to our affiliates and providing them with the new tools they need to succeed.

— Kristen, affiliate manager Nubiles.net

I plan on hopefully to soon shoot exclusively my own content for my own site instead of shooting for other programs. My goal is to eventually not have to hustle to shoot people that aren't ordering a lot of content. It is key to eventually work for myself. I can't depend on other businesses not to fail I would rather be self-sufficient. JayRockCash.com is my first step for achieving this goal and I'm not finished yet but also launching a new hardcore solo girl JessieCoxxx.com.

— JayRock, owner JayRockCash.com

To evolve, I plan to increase affiliates, listen to them more, make work fun, clean out my e-mail inbox and set realistic goals for the future.

— Rob Hoover, affiliate manager, XonDemand.com

Very simple, we watch trends and listen to what our buyers want and need. Then we seek out those new opportunities and present them to our clients.

— Steve Magnus, business development, GTSAds.com

As we move into the year 2009, Adult Profit Network will continue to adapt to changes in out domestic market, while at the same time taking better advantage of the global economy. This includes better-looking content (HD), in a wider variety of formats (Flash, iPhone and other mobile devices), with a wider variety of payment methods (EU card acceptance, SMS and telephone billing) delivered in various languages. Another goal is to provide better value to by giving customers a richer members section at a more competitive price.

— Philip Barnes president, Adult Profit


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