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How did you get into this? What in your background prepared you for what you're doing now?

I fell into the adult industry by accident.

I fell into the adult industry by accident. My boyfriend was doing video editing for Nubiles and I was brought in to fill the affiliate manager position. I was a beginner in HTML, TGP traffic management, CSS, script installs and Photoshop. It was my first adult industry job and it has been a lot to learn in a short amount of time but I learn fast and have been able to grow with a great company.

I know I bring a lot to the table with my previous experience. I worked in an office as their go-to girl for two years and gained the experience to multi-task and prioritize. I've also learned great people skills, marketing skills, overall organization and time management. I also did some accounting for another company which gave me hands on training managing large accounts and stats.

What is your daily routine - of and with the maintenance of your website?

I have a variety of tasks to work on but my main focus is affiliate management. I start my day by checking and sending emails, contacting new affiliates, answering affiliate inquiries and contacting those affiliates I feel should be worked with personally. Other days I do tasks that allow me to quality-control the promotional content being released. I also monitor and manage our internal traffic sources and find new ways to get new affiliates and get more traffic over to Nubiles.

We also launched a new mature/MILF site a few months ago — same formula as Nubiles, but now the women are older. On a daily basis I try to work with the new Anilos affiliates to make sure they have everything they need. Being apart of the launch of a brand new site and seeing it go from an idea to a finished product has been a huge learning experience. It makes you respect all the hard work that is put into making a quality subscription site.

What changes have affected your work since you started it?

I have seen the industry change and have had a chance to be a part of a company that is trying to make a difference. I have seen Nubiles develop the first free Tube script and I have helped it launch while getting other programs to offer tube content as well. We feel it will help webmasters start tubes with legal program content as opposed to stolen content. It puts a lot of control into the sponsor's hands while giving webmasters what they need to keep up with the changing industry.

What is important for a new adult webmaster/affiliate rep to know?

The ability to learn new skills on the fly. The Internet contains more knowledge then any schooling can ever give you, but you gotta use it!

It's also really important to work smarter, be consistent with your tasks and don't be afraid to put in the extra work so you can get ahead.

What is the biggest challenge in finding new talent and merchandising a site like that features new talent?

Finding new talent is not difficult. Every day thousands of new girls turn 18. The challenge is finding girls who look youthful, new and fresh who are new to porn and still can perform well. Customers demand more as time goes on. We adapt to this but we find it challenging to get new, shy girls who really want to model, are sure of themselves and don't feel awkward about "getting off" on camera.

What do you see as the challenges to online adult enterprises as the economy tends to decline and discretionary spending slows?

The ability to adapt, change, and try new marketing schemes is very important both in slow and economically sound times. Affiliates need the best tools possible, and I work with them on a one on one basis to understand their marketing strategy and help them build upon that strategy with our unique tools.

These challenges are short-term at best and there is nothing you can directly do to increase spending, so it's best to focus your energy and time on continuing to grow internal traffic and affiliate traffic.

What would you say is your favorite part about working in this business?

I'm a people person, so I like to work with our affiliates on a one-on-one basis to make things happen. I enjoy meeting new program owners and their employees and have made some great friendships. Of course I can't leave out the fact that I work for an amazing company with hot content.


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