Bijou Video Releases Vintage Duo on DVD

Joanne Cachapero
CHICAGO — Landmark gay distributor Bijou Video has rereleased two mid-‘70s films from director Tom De Simone, aka Lancer Brooks, on DVD.

“Station to Station” and “Catching Up” produced in 1974 and 1975, respectively, showcase the plot-based feature style that the director was well known for.

Both movies’ plots involve emotional turmoil and erotic storytelling from the early years of modern gay adult films.

“Station to Station” tells the story of a young man arrested for soliciting a plainclothes policeman. Sheltered by his mother, the lead character experiments with his sexuality when he meets a photographer, and finds himself swept up in family issues and emotional turmoil.

The “Catching Up” plot centers around the relationship issues of a gay couple, Dennis and Frank, and is an early example of gay erotic cinema dealing with relationship problems between two men. It stars Keith Anthoni and John Farrell.

Bijou Video is the distribution and production division of Bijou World, which also operates a retail storefront, sex club and gay-only adult theatre that still screens films.

Bijou owner/founder Steve Toushin has an extensive library of vintage gay adult films which he has been digitizing and remastering onto DVD format. Most of the films have never been released on DVD before.

“Station to Station” and “Catching Up” are the first two De Simone titles to be released on DVD, according to Bijou.

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