RSS & Syndication

RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is a way to distribute dynamic information from websites that contain article headlines, summaries and links back to full-text articles on the web.

  • What are the benefits of using XBIZ RSS feeds?

    We offer RSS feeds for the following reasons:

    • To allow our readers to stay informed of and access the latest posts on through their favorite news reader app such as Apple News (iOS).
    • To enable webmasters to offer a real-time feed of our article headlines on their websites.
  • How can I add XBIZ to a news reader app?

    Simply click the red ‘XML Feed’ button alongside the topic of choice and copy and paste the URL in your news reader app. Each app requires a different approach to adding a custom news feed. Please look up your app’s help section for instructions.

  • How can I add XBIZ content on my website?

    To add XBIZ content to your website, select the feed topic which interests you (click the R2J button) and cut and paste the generated code where you'd like the content to appear. You may also use the provided CSS code to customize the formatting to match your site.

  • All Editorial XML Feed:
  • All News XML Feed:
  • Web & Tech XML Feed:
  • Movies & Stars XML Feed:
  • Pleasure & Retail XML Feed:
  • Gay XML Feed:
  • Cams XML Feed:
  • European Market XML Feed:
  • All Feature Articles XML Feed:
  • Business Trends XML Feed:
  • Profiles XML Feed:
  • Opinion XML Feed:
  • VR News & Feature Articles XML Feed:
  • Legal News & Feature Articles XML Feed:
  • Movie Reviews XML Feed:
  • Pleasure Products XML Feed:
  • Photo Galleries XML Feed:
  • Events XML Feed: